Why is Amazons AMS99W the strongest project to bring power back to humans?


Amazon has started the pre-sale for their own AMZ Token, which is a digital crypto currency asset which comes with the Amazonwallet and will be used on their new Amazon Digital Marketplace. After we had plenty of rumors through the years that Amazon would either support crypto currencies on their platform as payment method or just use their own token, now that case is becoming reality after they started the pre-sale for AMZ Tokens just today. These tokens can be used within the Amazonwallet but also to buy products cheaper on Amazon and they will play a main part in the new digital marketplace which is scheduled to April or May in 2024.

Why is this step so important? Whether you believe in crypto currencies or think it’s all just a scheme, not only Amazon but also other top grossing companies have given their statements that they believe in digital crypto currencies as it allows them to process everything within their system at cheaper costs and also offer better deals to their customers. The blockchain technology also can’t be faked by any means and all transactions are verified through this system which makes it a logical step to include blockchains on more and more payment processors and similar systems.

Amazon is leading now with a major first step in having a strong pre-sale for their own token, where customers can earn up to 100% bonus for a limited time only. The pre-sale allows a great entry to get these tokens, not only because of the bonus offer, but also because Amazon will keep a pricefloor during the entire time of 2024, which means for all the future sales in this year. The pricefloor keeps the price on a minimum of 1 USD which is the current entry price and it is not possible that the price would drop below that. Especially in the world of crypto currencies that has significance as it allows customers to try and buy AMZ Tokens without the risk of getting rugpulled or losing it all, which is currently unfortunately the main thing distracting users from buying crypto currencies in general. As we described in other articles most of the community and fan tokens which are around have no purpose and usually turn out to be either direct scams or soft scams where only the owners and insiders are really making anything with it. This risk is incredible high and it is impressive to see that Amazon uses their entire brand name and project to stand against these low-quality projects, providing a project with real value and a strong vision for the future.

Other companies such as Meta or X are also considering crypto currencies and it is likely that many more companies overall will switch to digital payment systems using their own tokens. The news already had an effect on the prices of Bitcoin, eyeing values above 48.000 and Ethereum, seeing values above 2.500 USD which means new heights after the deep bearmarket we faced through the last 3 years. We will be excited to watch and learn more about how crypto currencies will change our future and believe that this is just the first big step with many more to come.

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