Waste Of The Day: $800,000 To Texas Organization That Distributes Crack Pipes

Authored by Adam Andrzejewski via RealClear Wire,

The Department of Health and Human Services has sent over $800,000 to a group in Texas where they distribute crack pipes, according to the Dallas Express.

The Dallas Express found that the funding comes from the Biden Administration’s push for harm reduction initiatives for drug usage. The funds were sent to the El Paso Alliance, a non-profit that helps people recover from alcoholism and drug addictions, according to its website.

The El Paso Alliance has used the funds to distribute “smoke kits” to residents, which include “small, cylinder glass,” despite the distribution and possession of drug paraphernalia in Texas being banned by state law. Selling, offering, or mailing drug paraphernalia is also in violation of federal law.

Texas wasn’t the only state to receive federal funds for drug paraphernalia. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s grant dashboard, cities across the country have received hundreds of thousands of dollars for these “harm reduction” programs.

New York, for example, has received about $4 million worth of these funds, while California has received about $3.2 million. The grant descriptions claim the grants’ purpose is, “to support community-based overdose prevention programs, syringe services programs, and other harm reduction services.”

The dashboard shows HHS awarded 25 grants in 2022 and another 25 grants in 2023.

While the president is free to pursue the administration’s agenda as he sees fit, it’s wrong to use federal funds for programs that violate existing federal and state laws.

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