Unveiling Artlist, a Powerful Digital Asset for Video Creators

Are you finding it hard to get a music licensing company with the best-quality tracks for your videos? Artlist is the solution. This is an excellent royalty-free audio platform that hosts different SFX and music. It’s simple to navigate through the library to get exactly what you need. Moreover, Artlist will not only offer high-quality content licensing but also support musicians, filmmakers, YouTubers, small agencies, Podcasters, etc. in advancing their careers.

How Does Artlist Work?

Artlist has two main libraries which include music and sound effects. After signing up to any plan you’ll have unlimited access to these libraries.

To successfully sign up, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Artlist homepage
  2. Click the “Start Free Now” button
  3. Fill in your full name, email, and preferred password
  4. Click the “free sign up” button to successfully create an account
  5. After that, you can choose a subscription plan to enjoy premium content


Artlist offers three main ways to discover music. These include Library, Spotlight, and For You.

Here you’ll browse Artlist’s whole library of music with the help of main search filters including mood video theme, genre, and instrument.

The mood filter function will present you with tracks that evoke your emotions and feelings. With a video theme filter, you’ll narrow down your search with different themed options depending on the specific purpose of the video. On the genre category filter, you’ll get common music groups. If in need of a specific instrument, this category will allow you to filter tracks depending on instrument type.

It’s playlists of music inspired by TV or film, or based on different themes. That is:

    • Holiday-themed
    • Inspired by collections
    • Hand-picked for use on YouTube, TikTok, etc.
    • Collections curated by filmmakers, YouTubers, etc.
    • Newly released music

This filter function will show music recommendations depending on your personal preferences, activity, and behavior. It’s subdivided into

  • Top Albums – That which fits your music preferences
  • Picks of the week –trending now, just released music, and weekly selections
  • Top Artists – Gives music similar to those selected in the past
  • Top Genres – Music playlist sorted by genre

Library Size

Artlist has more than 400,000 premium digital assets and 30,000 of these are royalty-free music. Every month around 150 new songs are added hence you’ll get several track varieties. As stated, the content is categorized into mood, genre, video theme, spotlight, and instrument hence you can easily narrow it down to your most preferred tracks.

The sound effects and the tracks in the library differ in length and it’s from 1 up to 15 minutes long. There are songs with lyrics but an instrumental version is also available.

Music Quality

Artlist only sources the best quality music and they only search for the best professional musicians. You can download songs and sound effects in different formats including MP3 and WAV files. Artlist has a team of professional that goes through every file that’s submitted and only adds the best to their catalog.  

User Experience

Artlist is a friendly and simple-to-navigate platform even for novice users. Its library is decently organized and the sorting options are at the top left. With great search filters, users will always have an excellent experience.


Artlist offers different payment plans to help with your creative needs. The plans available include;

At this plan, you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month when billed yearly or $14.99 when billed monthly. This subscription includes Music and Sound effects. This pricing plan is suitable for people who create projects for social media platforms (one channel per platform). Personal license covers:

  • Podcasts
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Twitch

Music & SFX – Pro

This subscription plan costs $16.58/month that’s billed annually. At this plan, you’ll have access to music sound effects. You’ll also have unlimited licenses on

  • Websites and online platforms
  • Social platforms
  • Paid ads
  • Broadcasting and TV
  • Podcasts
  • Client work

Footage & Templates

Here, you’ll pay $29.99/month and it’s billed annually. User’s benefits include Footage of up to 8K and Video Templates. Moreover, users will also have unlimited licenses on;

  • Client work
  • Social media platforms
  • Broadcasting and TV
  • Paid ads
  • Podcasts
  • Websites and online platforms
  • Option to upgrade for LOG/RAW footage

Max – Everything

This is the best value plan. Customers will pay $39.99/month billed annually. Max – everything plan offers everything unlimited. This includes

  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Footage of up to 8K
  • Video editing app
  • Image editing app
  • Video templates
  • Plugins

In addition, users will also have unlimited license to:

  • Podcasts
  • Websites and online platforms
  • Paid ads
  • Broadcasting and TV
  • Social media platforms
  • Client work
  • Option for LOG/RAW footage upgrade

Enterprise Plan

This option is suitable for institutions having over 100 employees. Users get business solutions for:

  • Marketing departments
  • Creative agencies and teams
  • Broadcasters
  • Apps, games, and software

Furthermore, in the enterprise plan, user can customize their subscription with the:

  • Multi-user account
  • Tailor-made terms and license
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Content curation service
  • VIP user support
  • Advance copyright clearance

Customer Support

Just in case you get stuck when using Artlist, you can easily get solutions at the help center or contact user support. At the help center, there are several popular topics and FAQs to help you troubleshoot and solve any issues independently. There are also helpful articles to help you with lots of helpful information. If at this point you haven’t had a solution, click on Contact Us to open a chat box. From here, you can talk with customer support in real-time.


  • Affordable annual plans for music & SFX
  • Offers unlimited royalty-free music & SFX
  • Have several genres available
  • Fast-growing library
  • Best-quality music available
  • Has a universal license that covers everything
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers quick and efficient search
  • Offers lifetime license of SFX and songs


  • SFX and Songs can’t be purchased separately
  • Other tracks aren’t categorized well
  • The library is still not huge like with other platforms


Artlist is a fantastic platform with excellent content and intuitive user interface. Moreover, its pricing is incredible since you’ll have a lifetime license for SFX and the song content you use. Another great benefit is that Artlist music licensing is universal. If looking for a platform that has excellent user experience and great search filters then Artlist is the best option.

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