Trump Calls For “Immediate Debates” Against Biden

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Donald Trump has called for debates between himself and Joe Biden to be held as soon as possible, “for the good of the country.”

Appearing on Dan Bongino’s podcast, Trump made the call, urging that more Americans need to be made aware that Biden “can’t do anything.”

“He can’t talk. He can’t do anything. He’s ruining our country and I don’t think he’s going to run,” Trump stated.

He continued, “I don’t know if it’s donors or otherwise. It might be his family. It might be something. I don’t think he’s going to run.”

“I’d like to call for immediate debates. I’d like to debate him now because we should debate. We should debate for the good of the country,” Trump further declared, adding “I am officially going to do that.

Trump also repeated an earlier offer to take Biden’s interview spot at the Super Bowl, proclaiming “We’ll get very good ratings.”

Trump made the Super Bowl offer after it emerged that Biden would not be partaking in the usual pregame interview with the President for the second year running.

“Crooked Joe Biden has just announced that he will not be doing the big Super Bowl interview. A great decision, he can’t put two sentences together. I WOULD BE HAPPY TO REPLACE HIM – would be ‘RATINGS GOLD!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

It’s no surprise that Biden is sitting it out as he can barely string two sentences together.

On Sunday he declared that when he took office he met “Mitterrand from Germany.”

Mitterrand was a former French President who died 28 years ago in 1996.

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