These Are The Best-Selling Vehicles In Every State

This map, created by Visual Capitalist’s Marcus Lu, shows the best selling vehicle in every U.S. state for 2022, based on data from Edmunds.

The main takeaway from the visualization is that trucks and SUVs are the top selling vehicle in every state but one.

See below for the data in tabular format.

State Best selling vehicle
North Dakota Chevrolet Silverado
Minnesota Chevrolet Silverado
Wisconsin Chevrolet Silverado
Iowa Chevrolet Silverado
Nebraska Chevrolet Silverado
Missouri Chevrolet Silverado
Oklahoma Chevrolet Silverado
New Mexico Chevrolet Silverado
Arizona Chevrolet Silverado
Indiana Chevrolet Silverado
Ohio Chevrolet Silverado
Kentucky Chevrolet Silverado
West Virginia Chevrolet Silverado
Alabama Chevrolet Silverado
Delaware Chevrolet Silverado
South Carolina Chevrolet Silverado
Montana Ford F-Series
Idaho Ford F-Series
Utah Ford F-Series
Colorado Ford F-Series
South Dakota Ford F-Series
Kansas Ford F-Series
Texas Ford F-Series
Louisiana Ford F-Series
Mississippi Ford F-Series
Tennessee Ford F-Series
Georgia Ford F-Series
Michigan Ford F-Series
Vermont Ford F-Series
Maine Ford F-Series
Washington Toyota RAV4
Oregon Toyota RAV4
Illinois Toyota RAV4
New York Toyota RAV4
Pennsylvania Toyota RAV4
Virginia Toyota RAV4
North Carolina Toyota RAV4
Maryland Toyota RAV4
Connecticut Toyota RAV4
Rhode Island Toyota RAV4
Massachusetts Toyota RAV4
DC Toyota RAV4
New Hampshire Toyota RAV4
Wyoming RAM
Nevada RAM
Alaska RAM
New Jersey Honda CR-V
Arkansas GMC Sierra
Hawaii Toyota Tacoma
California Tesla Model Y
Florida Toyota Corolla

From this list, we can see that the only state where a sedan is the best selling vehicle is Florida.

This is unsurprising, given that sedan popularity has been waning in the U.S. for quite some time. This is due to various factors, including shifting consumer preferences and the improved fuel efficiency of trucks and SUVs.

EVs Gain a Foothold

Another interesting story from this map can be found in California, which is the first and only state where an EV, specifically the Tesla Model Y, is the best selling vehicle.

California leads the nation in terms of EV adoption, and coincidentally also has the largest number of Tesla charging stations at 366 (As of July 2023). The next two states in terms of Tesla charging stations are Florida (136) and Texas (128).

Other states that could soon see an EV become their best selling vehicle include Washington and DC. In both these jurisdictions, the Model Y is currently the second most popular vehicle.


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