SHOT Show Day 2: Best Gear & Equipment For Special Forces Operators

Welcome to day two of the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), the world’s largest shooting sports, hunting, and law enforcement industry expo of its kind.

The closed-door event is held at the Venetian Expo in Vegas through Friday. It features 500+ suppliers, some of which are defense contractors, offering weapons and gear for Tier 1 operators to law enforcement to civilian markets. 

Before the day began, anti-gunners at Bloomberg leaked a new Biden administration draft rule targeting the exports of semiautomatic weapons. 

It’s crucial to recognize that the timing of the new draft rule’s release is not accidental. This timing was chosen to coincide with SHOT, where the world’s top firearms manufacturers showcase their products.

For some context, last year, the ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) unveiled the pistol brace rule. 

On Tuesday, in a running blog titled “Boots On The Ground: ZeroHedge Invades SHOT Show,” we came across all sorts of weapons used or will be used by Tier 1 operators across modern battlefields worldwide. 

We then saw the ATF booth, where many agents appeared somewhat displeased with attending SHOT. 

Here’s day two of walking the floor:

We first stopped by Ops-Core’s booth to check out the latest and greatest headborne system solutions for elite defense forces (i.e., Tier 1 operators).

Ops-Core’s ballistic face protection for Tier 1 operators. 

Next, we checked out Arktis, which supplies Tier 1 operators in Europe with clothing and equipment. 

Tier 1 operators are testing these jackets in Europe. 

Arktis has provided ZeroHedge readers with 10% off (code: “ZEROHEDGE10“). 

Headed over to Thales to check out their night vision goggles. 

Shaw Concepts shows off gear for the modern battlefield. 


Spotted Cody Wilson’s Ghost Gunner machine at the new products booths. 

ReconRobotics showed us how to operate a mini-room clearing robot. 

Light, camera, action! 

Teal Drones has DoD contracts and will take market share from DJI in federal and state agencies. 

Teledyne FLIR showed off new drone-based optics. 

Tier 1 operators use this thermite torch to cut through doors. 

Guess we found the company that provides ‘white helmets’ to Middle East warzones. 

Dillon Aero’s mini-gun for helicopters. 

Getting behind a massive gun by Ohio Ordnance Works. 

Ohio Ordnance Works also showed off an off-road vehicle for Tier 1 operators. 

Special ops dog? 

*This is a running blog of Shot Show 


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