Red Sea Ship Resorts To Broadcasting “All Muslim Crew” In Effort To Avoid Houthi Attacks

Commercial vessels sailing through the Red Sea have been broadcasting that they’re not connected with Israel and or the US, aiming to avoid Iran-backed Houthi attacks. The creativity behind the broadcasts to thwart attacks has been stepped up a notch, according to research firm TankerTracker

On Sunday afternoon, TankerTracker spotted livestock carrier Cattle Force that broadcasted the message: “All Crew Muslims” as it approached the Bab el-Mandeb Strait off Yemen’s coast. 

“This is a first,” TankerTracker wrote on social media platform X. 

In recent weeks, some vessels have broadcasted “No Link To Israel,” “No Relation To Israel,” and “Nothing With Israel” to avoid Houthi attacks. 

According to tracking data analyzed by Bloomberg, Cattle Force successfully sailed through a maritime chokepoint and is in the Red Sea as of Monday. 

“The change was an apparent message to the Houthis, who say they’re targeting ships linked to Israel and its allies to pressure them over the war in Gaza,” Bloomberg United. 

Other vessels may take notice as Japanese shipping giant Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd. warned last week that the Red Sea crisis/disruption could last six months and one year


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