NBC News Instantly Exposed As Liars After Claiming They “Gained Access” To X Community Notes System

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

When NBC News published a hit piece claiming that Twitter/X’s Community Notes fact checking system rarely corrects posts and asserting that they “gained access” to the system, both claims were instantly revealed to be untrue… by Community Notes itself.

“Elon Musk has touted Community Notes as a way to fight false and misleading information on X,” NBC News tweeted.

The outlet then declared”@NBCNews gained access to the system, and found that on posts containing known misinformation, few posts were ever corrected. Many fact-checks were delayed.”

The claims were quickly revealed to be complete BS, hilariously by Community Notes:

One note reads, “NBC did not ‘gain access’ to any special Twitter system they merely had one of the many thousands of community notes contributors show them that some misleading posts had yet to have any notes added.”

It adds that “Any 6 month old account with a verified phone number can join the program.”

Another points out that it is completely erroneous to suggest some back room employee is approving notes, as implied by NBC.

NBC News set out to make people think Community Notes doesn’t work and ended up proving the exact opposite:

As we highlighted yesterday, The EU is threatening to block X in its member states, claiming that Musk is allowing ‘disinformation’ to be spread, but without citing any specific examples:

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