“Might As Well Call It An X-Flare!”: Sun Burps Strong Solar Flare

The space weather community on social media platform X reports a powerful solar flare around the center disk of the sun that almost registered as an X-class earlier today. 

Space weather and aurora website SolarHam reports, “A strong solar flare (M9.8) was just detected around AR 3500 near center disk. A wave of plasma appears to be leaving the flare site, a good sign for a potential Earth-directed eruption.” 

“Might as well call it an X-Flare!” one X user said. 

“The solar flare is eruptive and seems likely to produce a CME in Earth’s direction. The radiation caused by the solar flare is also affecting Earth’s ionosphere on the daylit side and may interfere with users of high-frequency radio communications,” aurora forecast website Space Weather Watch wrote in an X post. 

University of Maryland Solar physicist Keith Strong said, “In about a week (assuming it survives) it will move into a geoeffective position and high-speed solar wind from it will likely impact the Earth, causing geomagnetic storms.” 

The commonly used system for classifying solar flares categorizes them based on their intensity. The weakest are A-class flares, followed in ascending order of strength by B, C, M, and X classes.

Powerful X-class solar flares can cause damage, particularly to satellites, communications systems, and power grids on Earth.

The frequency of solar flares increases as the sun moves towards another solar maximum


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