Manage Conversations Under Single “Social Inbox”

Social media is the face of the brands. A curated social media presence is essential in today’s digital age. In addition to having a presence on social media, another important thing is timely engagements and interactions with your audience. When a brand works through a social media marketing strategy that helps enhance engagement on social media platforms, you also have to devise a plan to cater to the interactions in minimum response time.

Social media engagement is all about your audience’s interaction with your content. It includes likes, follows, comments, direct messages, reviews, tags, and shares on any post or platform. Having an effective social media strategy is good, but then the real question arises: whether you know how to respond to each one of those interactions. The real hassle starts here. And if, as a brand, you mistakenly don’t deliver on time or forget to respond to a single query or review, then what will your audience think of you as a brand?

Here’s when you realize that you need to have an efficient management plan to cater to the needs of your audience on social media. Every engagement or interaction is the marker of success for your brand.

The huge number of these engagements and interactions cannot be missed or left unattended, as they will directly affect your brand’s reputation. Responding to these comments and queries is a way of communication for a brand.

Moreover, good customer service is integral to every brand’s success. Today, the audience turns to social media to discover and learn about the brands and their products. Interactions play a key role in the early stages of selling.  

For instance, a report shows 32% of consumers surveyed like or follow businesses on social media, and 24% prefer to comment on pages and posts. When it comes to communication, 46% of consumers want to hear from a business through their social media profile or direct message.

Social media is used 24/7 from different locations and diverse audiences. Interactions such as likes follows, comments, direct messages, reviews, tags, and shares are done constantly. It is a hassle to be available 24/7 and respond to every comment or inbox message on the go. So, let’s give you a magic wand to make these tasks easy for you as a content creator or a brand.

Social Pilot is one of Forbes and Bloomberg’s top-ranked social media scheduling and management tools due to its exceptional value and customer support, aside from offering you platforms to create, schedule, and publish your content on various platforms. It also offers an all-in-one Social Inbox where you can manage all your conversations under one roof.

Let’s take you through a step-by-step guide on how having a Social Inbox can streamline your tasks and help you efficiently manage the interactions.

Clutter-free Inbox

It assists you in separating actioned interactions from pending ones. It also helps you respond promptly and clear the clutter. A key advantage of Social Inbox is having an optimized response time.

Easily Manage Reviews

It helps you track and respond to all Facebook and Google Business reviews. It is beneficial to boost the visibility of your brand on various platforms.

Connect with the Community

You can directly respond to comments and mentions across various platforms through the social inbox. And engage with the community to enhance your social media presence.

Humanize Conversations

Social Inbox will be your savior as it can humanize the responses. Instead of robotic interaction, it can create a personalized response using images, GIFs, or emojis. Curate tailored conversations for the audience through modern visual aids.

Having multiple business profiles across different locations or having more than one franchise shouldn’t stop you from communicating with your audience. Social Inbox integrates Facebook Inbox, Instagram Inbox, LinkedIn Inbox, and Google Business Inbox.

Having a plan for interacting with your followers and customers is a prerequisite for better results from your social media strategies. SocialPilot is your assistance in monitoring comments, mentions, and reviews, organizing responses, adding emojis, publishing, and marking conversations as done for enhanced tracking. Opt for SocialPilot’s Engagement Tool and never miss any interaction with your community.

Still indecisive about whether to sign in for the SocialPilot’s Social Inbox? Leaving a review from our clientele of over 12,000+ customers to help you decide.

“The feature of a single inbox is great. SocialPilot helped me stay engaged with our audience through the social inbox having messages and comments.” –Deepika A.

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