California Home Depot Employee Arrested For Allegedly Embezzling $1.2 Million

Authored by Sophie Li via The Epoch Times,

A Home Depot employee in San Rafael, California was arrested this week for reportedly embezzling approximately $1.2 million from the business, police said.

According to the San Rafael Police Department, officers received a report Oct. 17 from the home improvement retailer’s branch at 111 Shoreline Pkwy. that an employee had been allegedly taking cash from the store since August 2022.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, admitted to taking cash from the business, police said, and had over $8,000 in her possession when she was arrested.

“She was basically just manipulating the books on how much she was depositing,” said Lieutenant Scott Eberle.

She has since been taken into custody and booked into the Marin County Jail on charges of felony embezzlement, police said.

Additionally, authorities are seeking a bail enhancement due to the substantial amount of cash believed to have been taken by the suspect and concerns about her being a flight risk, police said.

“…it does look for sure that she was spending on a lot of luxury items,” said Eberle, adding the worker’s “small condominium” was full of nice appliances and luxury goods.

Detectives obtained and served a search warrant for the suspect’s residence, leading to the discovery of a small amount of cash and a substantial quantity of designer merchandise – which raised suspicions that the embezzled funds may have been used to make these purchases, San Rafael police reported.

A Marin County Jail official told USA TODAY the worker was released from jail on Oct. 19 through a judge order.


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