Revered Dogecoin Investor Envisions A 10,000% Surge For This Astounding Memecoin Gem, Staking His Reputation!

A large percentage of crypto whales are adept investors who didn’t just stumble on wealth. Their intricate knowledge of investing is developed through years of experience and rigorously studying the minutiae of crypto investing. So when they make predictions, they stake big, and the odds are always in their favour.

When it comes to listing the top meme coins in the crypto industry, Dogecoin is definitely on the roll. Dogecoin, which is famous for being touted by crypto icon and tech giant Elon Musk, raked in almost 10,000% for early investors. However, this was followed by a quick decline in price. 

Nonetheless, Dogecoin minted thousands of crypto millionaires while its bull run lasted. Some of these millionaires still hold the coin to date and are predicting this new hybrid meme coin will rake in 10,000% ROI, just like Dogecoin, before the end of 2023.

Dogecoin Price Prediction for 2023.

Dogecoin has fallen almost 90% from its all-time high. The price has dropped a little over 4% in the last 7 days and almost 11% in the last 30 days. This continuous drop in price confirms that Dogecoin is in a strong downtrend, and investors are not happy. 

A number of investors seem to be coming on board with the hopes of buying the bottom, as the price seems to have found support in the $0.04 price region. Experts believe Doge coin may recover and the price may rally up to the $0.25 price region before the end of the year.

While this is good news for holders, the majority of Doge coin whales are reconsidering their position and defecting toPikamoon, which the new meme coin analysts believe will rake in 10,000% in 2023.

What is Pikamoon?

Pikamoon is a leading GameFi project that is set to disrupt the crypto industry with its native token, $PIKA. $PIKA which is the native token of the Pikamoon ecosystem, is a deflationary token with massive prospects and utility.

The deflationary features of the $PIKA token make it suitable for investment purposes as the value is set to keep increasing. To put this in perspective, there are a total of 50 billion $PIKA tokens that will be minted, and this number will keep decreasing over time.

This is because 5% of every $PIKA token used in the Pikamoon market place will be permanently burned. This means the number of $PIKA tokens in circulation will continually and gradually reduce, thereby increasing the value of the available tokens.

This makes the Pikamoon project perfectly suitable for investors looking to play the long game. Analysts are predicting an exponential increase in the value of the coin and a 10,000% ROI for investors before the end of the year. This is more than impressive, to say the least.

Gamers can’t stop raving about the Pikamoon game. This may be due to a number of reasons, chief among them being the online and offline game modes. The Pikamoon game is taking the P2E industry by storm, and gamers can’t wait to play in the Pikaverse non-stop.

What better way to do this than in offline and online game modes? This means you can play in the Pikaverse whenever and wherever. So whether you’re on the go or in your living room, you can always catch some action and adventure with your buddies in the Pikaverse.

Little wonder investors are transitioning from other meme coins and pitching their tent with Pikamoon in the ongoing presale. 

Pikamoon Presale: The Easiest Way to Make Massive Profits in 2023 

Analysts are predicting the Pikamoon will blow up immediately after it launches on major exchanges. This is why investors are dumping other meme coins in their portfolios to bag as much $PIKA token as they can in the ongoing presale. 

Pikamoon is in the second round of its presale, and tokens are selling for as little as $0.0004. The third and last round of the presale will see the token price reach $0.0006 or more. This means early investors will already be floating in profit even before Pikamoon launches on major exchanges. 

Don’t miss out on the big Pikamoon boom. Get in on the presale now.

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