Is Dogecoin Dead? Analysts Predict These Three Tokens to Dethrone DOGE Toward the End of the Year

The underwhelming performance of Dogecoin has left investors wondering if there is any point in holding onto it. The token lost almost 10% in the last thirty days, while the meme coin mania was at its peak. It seems like investors have left out heavyweights like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu from the ongoing pump. 

It’s Time for DOGE and SHIB to Step Back

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are dead. The speculative assets have given investors what they can. With massive $9.8B and $5B market caps, they will continue to shed their value throughout this year. The price correction is likely to take them on a series of collapses in the coming months. 

The time is ripe for meme coin legends to make way for emerging assets. For example, the recent meme coin rally sent Pepe to a $1.6B market cap, giving a four-digit ROI to early investors. Meme coins that followed suit, like SPONGE and BEN, also rewarded investors generously. Pepe has already secured third place on the meme coin chart with a $600M+ market cap. 

Dogecoin 1-month price overview, 25 May 2023, CoinMarketCap

But the token is explicitly useless. In other words, it is a shitcoin:

“$PEPE is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only,” warns the website. 

Although meme coins are largely speculative in nature, shitcoins take it to the next level. They can turn you into a millionaire in two or three days. Similarly, they can send you to bankruptcy overnight. 

This is where meme coins with market-relevant utilities step in. While they tap into the meme coin label, they can sustain their demand and value over the long term independently. 

Analysts believe that these utility-rich assets have the potential to secure the top three positions on the meme coin chart toward the end of the year. 

1. AiDoge – Viral Meme Coin Awaiting a 20X Explosion 

New meme coins are entering the market every day. Interestingly, they provide significant returns to early investors too. The asset has gained viral attention due to its involvement in three major trends: AI, memes, and meme coins.

AiDoge is a blockchain platform powered by AI that mints memes based on text inputs. It utilizes the doge-inspired meme coin $AI, now in the presale stage, to fuel its operations, and the presale has already crossed a milestone of $13M. The fast progress of the meme coin presale strengthens the predictions that AiDoge can surge 1000-2000% in the days that follow the token launch.


Unlike most meme coins, $AI is not a shitcoin. It holds a purpose within the AiDoge ecosystem and facilitates the platform’s credit, payment, and reward systems. Given that AiDoge simplifies the meme creation process by generating ready-to-publish memes within minutes, $AI token has high market relevance. Memes are one of the key elements that hold together the internet generation. 

Everyone loves memes but not everyone can create memes. If there was a way we could turn our vague ideas into memes, most of us wouldn’t miss the chance. That is exactly the reason the $AI token presale is racing to an early sell-out. You don’t need to rummage the internet for the right image that portrays your idea or rack your brain for a caption that suits it. Everything is done for you, tapping into a large AI database. 

The project’s goal is to become a social hub for the latest memes across various niches. As the memes go viral, so will the meme generation platform and the underlying token. Virality fuels the token. 

What is $AI’s role in the ecosystem? AiDoge follows a token-based credit system that underpins its market relevance and sustainable growth. 

If you believe that AiDoge’s vision has the potential to take off, you can become a part of the project early on via the ongoing presale. It is on the verge of selling out at the time of this writing. The presale traffic is growing as investors expect the token to replicate a Pepe-like explosion on its initial exchange launches. 

Another factor that makes AiDoge one of the most promising meme coins of this year is its strong AI-based utility. Judging by the steep rise of platforms like ChatGPT and Dall-E to popularity, AiDoge can expand beyond the crypto market. It will be one of the key projects that drive crypto mass adoption this year. AiDoge has all the right ingredients to become a global phenomenon. 

2. Copium – The Fusion of Humor and FOMO

Copium is the latest meme coin sensation to grip the market. It went on a 500% surge shortly after its launch on May 18, 2023. As the excitement surrounding this meme coin continues to build up, investors are anticipating another rally in the coming week. 


Unlike most meme coins, Copium doesn’t plan on being another short-lived crypto sensation. Instead, it is building a community based on humor and fellowship that can navigate the unpredictable crypto landscape together. Not just a community of investors, but a community of believers in the project’s vision because it’s all about “coping” with missed opportunities. 

Many marketing campaigns were launched to execute this vision. To begin with, an exclusive invitation-only presale generated significant hype for its Uniswap launch and offered influential supporters in the crypto community the opportunity to be part of the project. As a result, the inner circle of the community includes people who have a strong foothold in the crypto industry. They can endorse the project and influence their followers to become a part of it. 

If you want to join the project, don’t wait until it explodes. It is best bought early to avoid paying a hefty sum later. With a rapidly growing community and a short pullback in the broader market, now is an excellent time to consider investing in Copium. It has the potential to generate returns of 400-500% by June, especially as investors continue to liquidate high-cap meme coins to join creative new projects. 

3. Ecoterra – Green Meme Coin with Recycle-to-Earn Utility 

Ecoterra is a cryptocurrency poised for mainstream adoption through recycling this year. It has been garnering attention from mainstream brands and celebrities and for the right reasons. As the native cryptocurrency of a recycle-to-earn platform, it promotes recycling, circular economy, and carbon offsetting through a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem. 


While the market has numerous green crypto projects, Ecoterra stands out by focusing on recycling, an area that many projects tend to overlook despite its significance in climate action. Ecoterra simplifies and incentivizes recycling by rewarding individuals for following its recycling guidelines. The Web 3.0 ecosystem tracks and records contributions, converting them into achievements and NFTs within users’ profiles.

Another interesting feature is the carbon offset marketplace, which enables users to offset their carbon footprint by contributing to environmental projects globally. And Ecoterra’s recycled materials’ marketplace shrinks the gap between companies and raw material recyclers with an efficient blockchain ecosystem. All of these features go on to prove that cryptocurrencies are capable of bringing tangible change to the environment through global coordination. 

With its recycling app, carbon-offsetting marketplace, recycled materials marketplace, and impact profile, Ecoterra targets environmentally-conscious individuals, socially responsible businesses, corporations, industries, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This positioning makes it one of the most promising projects of the year.

In conclusion, Ecoterra has wide scope for mainstream adoption this year. Similar to the NFT and metaverse mania of 2021, brands and celebrities are likely to support green projects like Ecoterra this year as part of their marketing campaigns. 

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