Family Guy, Homer Simpson Meme Coins Pump as Bitcoin Price Reclaims $27k – Are Shitcoins A Good Buy?

This crypto spring has brought good news to all those who have invested in Bitcoin, as this popular crypto experienced a nice growth and managed to reach a value higher than $27k! But this spring brought good news not only to those who invested in Bitcoin but also to those who decided to invest in some young meme coins, such as cartoon-inspired ones, Family Guy ($GUY), and Homer Simpson ($SIMPSON). 

The popularity of these meme coins, but also the increasing popularity of several “fresher” meme coins such as AiDoge ($AI), Copium ($COPIUM), and Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) clearly suggest that now is the ideal moment for investing in shitcoins. $GUY and $SIMPSON have already achieved good results, but predictions show that $Ai, $COPIUM, and $SPONGE will far surpass them. Let’s see what makes these coins so special, and why there is an increasing demand for them.

AiDoge ($AI): Meme coin of the future!

AiDoge (Ai)

Unlike the mentioned $GUY and $SIMPSON meme coins, their young follower, AiDoge ($Ai), achieved much better results in record time (more than an amazing $12 million raised), primarily because it provides users with real utility!

The $AI token, as a native token of the AiDoge platform, gives users the chance to quickly, easily, and simply become meme creators, using the AI-powered meme generator. By combining artificial intelligence and text props that you as a user provide, AiDoge delivers unique, interesting, and creative memes that you can share on the Public Wall of the platform so that other users can see and vote for them. And an additional benefit is that AiDoge will reward top meme creators every month, and will give you the chance not only to have fun and express your creativity but also to earn passive income. 

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What “forces” a huge number of users to choose precisely the $AI token is the fact that this young meme coin is predicted to have a great future, that is, it has the potential for even 20x gains in the coming months. So take advantage of the last moments to buy $AI token at the best presale price, because we are very close to completing the presale!

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Spongebob ($SPONGE): The most popular cartoon-inspired meme coin at the moment!

Family Guy ($GUY) and Homer Simpson ($SIMPSON) are cryptos that are inspired by cartoons that many love, but the $SPONGE token, inspired by the most favorite cartoon of our childhood, initially caused much greater interest from users. What is truly amazing is that $SPONGE managed to get listed on BitMart in record time (in less than a month), and at the same time new listings are waiting for this coin, which will undoubtedly further increase its value. $SPONGE is currently one of the fastest-growing meme coins on the market, it is superior to many competing meme coins, and the fact that it has multiple listings on the way, only shows us that this carton-inspired meme coin will explode in the coming period.

Make sure you don’t miss this unique opportunity to get a big return on your investment: hop to Uniswap, LBank, or another respectable crypto exchange where $SPONGE is available, and buy it ASAP, before it skyrockets in value. $SPONGE has already been described as “the next PEPE coin”, so if you missed investing in PEPE, try not to make the same mistake, and don’t miss $SPONGE!

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Copium ($COPIUM): “The next meme coin star” in the crypto sky!


There is another young and “fresh” meme coin that shows serious chances to surpass both $GUY and $SIMPSON, and it is Copium “COPIUM“. If you follow the news in the crypto world at all, then in the last few days you could have noticed this meme coin, which, with its humor, arouses a huge interest. In the first 24 hours, $COPIUM managed to grow by over 800%, which is one of the first indicators that this could be the “next meme coin star” in the crypto sky!

What is particularly interesting about $COPIUM is that several influential people from the crypto industry, such as FaZe Banks, and DeeZe, instantly fell in love with this humor-inspired crypto project and very optimistically believe that $COPIUM has the potential for even 1000x gains, of course, provided that users invest ASAP.

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In short, this innovative project is conceived as a witty community of all those investors who missed out on investing in meme coins that exploded. The $COPIUM presale is interesting because only 10% of the tokens are immediately available to investors, while the remaining 90% will be available during the first three weeks after launch.

Thanks to the fantastically created incentives for users, the already large community, and the increasing interest in this meme coin, $COPIUM is taking solid steps toward becoming one of the best meme coins for 2023.

Users rush to invest in $COPIUM because they want to use all the benefits of the Copium Airdrop competition. Take the chance and be one of the 200 lucky ones, and grab $COPIUM ASAP!

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Everything points to the fact that now is the ideal time to invest in cryptocurrencies and especially to invest in meme coins, which are achieving outstanding results this crypto spring. 

But what is important when it comes to choosing the next meme coin to invest in, is to put your emotions aside, and not to invest in a certain coin just because it is, for example, inspired by something you love. So, if you’re a big fan of cartoons like Family Guy or The Simpsons, that shouldn’t be a reason to opt for $GUY or $SIMPSON. Look at the big picture, and opt for a meme coin that shows a real chance of exploding in price. Certainly, considering all factors, $AI, $COPIUM, and $SPONGE will bring you much more benefits than all other meme coins, so, go for one of them, but do it ASAP, while their prices are this good. 

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