9 Most Trending Cryptos to Buy Now – $AI, $COPIUM,$BEN,$GUY, $MONG, $PEPE, $SIMPSON, $TURBO

The overall cryptocurrency market is always full of surprises and opportunities for investors who are searching for investment opportunities. A good way for investors who are on the lookout for the next big thing is to take a look at trending cryptocurrencies at any given time. Among so many cryptos that are trending at the moment, projects such as Copium ($COPIUM), AI Doge ($AI) and SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE) have all provided evidence for their potential going forward. 

Top 9 Trending Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023

One of the best ways to discover earning and investment opportunities in the fast-moving crypto market is by checking out trending projects. The following projects have all proven they have strong fundamentals and valid reasons for being considered some of the best investment opportunities this year. 

  1. AI Doge ($AI)
  2. Copium ($COPIUM)
  3. SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE)
  4. Ben ($BEN)
  5. Family Guy ($GUY)
  6. MongCoin ($MONG)
  7. PepeCoin ($PEPE)
  8. Homer ($SIMPSON)
  9. Turbo ($TURBO)

Let’s start by evaluating these projects one by one. 

AI Doge ($AI) – The New Meme Coin Leader

AiDoge (Ai)

AI Doge is a project that combines two of the most trendy and innovative trends in the crypto market – Memes and Artificial Intelligence. The project has already raised over $12 million in its presale. 

Unlike most other meme coins which are just speculative, AI Doge offers real utility. By holding $AI tokens, users can purchase credits for the AI Doge platform. They can use the platform to generate viral memes leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning and a database of images and news. 

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Copium ($COPIUM) – Helping to Cope With Losses


Copium is a newly introduced meme coin that may replace the likes of $PEPE, $SHIBA and $DOGE as one of the top meme coins in the market. In spite of being launched on Uniswap some time back, the project has already generated more than 800% gains for its investors. According to DEXTools.io, $COPIUM already has more than 2100 investors in the last 24 hours. 

After a successful launch, the project attracted the attention of several crypto influencers. For instance, Twitter influencers such as FaZe and DeeZe who have a combined audience of more than 3 million, have already expressed interest in the project. Additionally, the unprecedented NFT release by Copium Club has also attracted the attention of NFT enthusiasts. 

The Copium team has awarded the top 200 users on Uniswap with a Copium Tank NFT within a couple of hours of its launch. It has already amassed over 18k followers in a short time, which shows interest in this new project. So now is the right time to join the community and get prepared to receive massive gains in the near future. 

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SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE) – The New Meme Coin That Revolutionizes the Market


SpongeBob Token is a new meme coin based on Nickelodeon’s popular SpongeBob SquarePants.  Like the popular meme coin $PEPE, SpongeBob Token started spectacularly after launching in Early May on Uniswap. It surged by 2800% in the first three days of its existence, reaching a high of $0.02394. While its price has dropped since then, the project has received price boosts after listings on CoinW, Uniswap, Bitget, Gate.io and others. 

SpongeBob Token has also announced an airdrop event which will help $SPONGE reach even more investors. All one has to do is join their official Discord Server and complete some social-media-driven tasks. The more points one gets, the more tokens he or she is eligible to receive in the airdrop. So don’t waste any time and invest in SpongeBob Token at the earliest. 

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Ben ($BEN) –  A Strange Twitter Project

There is a lot of intrigue surrounding the Ben Coin project, particularly because not much has been revealed by its team. All that we know is that the project was masterminded by a retired chemistry teacher who was tired of seeing friends experience rug pulls in the crypto market. 

Ben Coin claims to be a community-driven token which aims to reward its users with charity donations and opportunities for passive income. 

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Family Guy ($GUY) – Sitcom-Inspired Meme Coin

Family Guy is a newly created meme coin inspired by the popular animated sitcom Family Guy created by Seth McFarlane. According to its website, the community-driven meme token charges a 10% transaction fee that is allocated as 5% towards holders, 2% towards the liquidity pool, 2% towards the charity wallet and 1% towards the marketing wallet. 

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MongCoin ($MONG) – The Community-Driven Meme Coin

Launched in April 2023, MongCoin has quickly become one of the most popular meme coins trending at the moment. It is technically spun off from the original Mongoose Coin created in December 2021. The Mong token is expected to survive both rugs and bear markets at all times, which increases the attraction of investors. 

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PepeCoin ($PEPE) – The Pepe-Inspired Meme Coin.

PepeCoin is a very popular meme coin that has been mentioned by analysts, influencers and others for quite some time now. The total supply of PepeCoin is limited to 420,690,000,000,000, which pays homage to 69 and 4:20, two popular meme numbers. The project has allocated 91% of the tokens towards its liquidity pool. 

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Homer ($SIMPSON) – Simpsons-Inspired Meme Coin

Homer is another TV show-inspired meme coin which takes its theme from the popular Simpsons TV show. Although not officially involved with the show, the project has already attracted attention from investors. It consists of the Humer Simpson Chatbot which is able to provide accurate answers according to inputs from Twitter users. 

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Turbo ($TURBO) – AI-created MemeCoin

Turbo is a meme coin created using artificial intelligence which uses an ERC-20 token. It aims to establish itself as a leading meme coin project that focuses on community engagement, fairness and simplicity. It has recently been featured in the list of meme coins that have been trending for the last few weeks. 

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Looking at trending cryptocurrencies will always provide a lot of amazing investment opportunities that shouldn’t be missed. The above projects such as Ai Doge, Copium and SpongeBob Token are trending when it comes to explosive meme coins.  Investors shouldn’t waste any opportunity to invest in these promising projects at the earliest. 

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