Opera Introduces ChatGPT-Powered AI Sidebar in its Browser

Opera has introduced a ChatGPT-powered AI sidebar in its web browser called Aria

Opera introduces ChatGPT-Powered AI Sidebar. Opera announced today the addition of an AI side panel named “Aria” to its browser, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. According to the firm, Aria is an online and browser specialist who makes it simpler to access information on the web, write text or code, or have product questions addressed. The new functionality is presently being tested.

Aria can also answer queries concerning Opera since the business claims to be familiar with the browser’s “whole database of support documentation.” Aria, according to Opera, is based on their “composer” architecture, links to OpenAI’s GPT technology, and is augmented by extra features like providing live web results.

Aria, according to the business, is a free service with up-to-date information since it is internet-connected and not limited to the material before 2021, as is the case with typical GPT-based solutions. Aria will be available in over 180 countries.

Aria may be tested by downloading the most recent version of Opera One. Aria is available in the newest beta version of the browser for Android users. According to Opera, as a tester, the only thing you need to do is register an Opera account if you don’t already have one. Your whitelisting status will subsequently be communicated to you through email or inside the product. Once your Opera Account has been whitelisted, you may use Aria via the settings menu in Opera for Android beta or the browser AI sidebar in Opera One.

Opera’s latest release expands on the browser’s existing AI functionality. Opera introduced generative AI chatbots powered by ChatSonic and ChatGPT into its desktop browsers, Opera GX, and Opera earlier this year. In addition, the business introduced a function that allows you to produce AI prompts by marking content on a page or entering it. These chatbots may summarise articles or web pages for you, compose social media posts for you, or assist you in brainstorming ideas through prompts.

Last month, the business released Opera One, a new version of its flagship browser with aspects that it claims will prepare it for a “generative AI-based future.”



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