Crypto Market Rally is Over: Analyst Predicts Bitcoin to Drop to $12K, Yet These Tokens Could Pump

After a disastrous 2022, this year was supposed to be the year of recovery for the crypto market. The combined market cap of all tokens rose above $1 trillion for the first time in almost a year and the entire sector was pumping, entering a decisive bullish phase.

However, some experts claim that the crypto market rally is over. One of the most renowned crypto analysts and investors, going by the name @CryptoCapo_ on Twitter, stated that he expects Bitcoin to drop to $12k. The recent price movement seems to confirm this theory, as BTC fell more than 10% in the last 10 days. Ethereum also suffered losses in this period, but less dire than Bitcoin

Whether this is the beginning of a bearish run for Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies remains to be seen. It is worth noting that some tokens seem unaffected by this slump. New generation cryptos like AiDoge (AIDOGE), EccoTera (ECOTERRA), (YPRED), (LPX), DeeLance(DLANCE), and SpongeBob (SPONGE) are steadily pumping and seem like a sure bet for 2023. Even better, some of these tokens are still in presale so you can get them on the cheap if you hurry up. This will set you up for some massive ROI once they hit the open market and their value explodes.

AiDoge (AIDOGE) – AI-Powered Meme Generating App


By combining two of the hottest topics at the moment – AI and memes – AiDoge is making sure that it will be an instant hit as soon as it goes online. The app offers a simple and elegant way for users to create popular memes in no time. All you have to do is come up with an idea, input it into the app and the AI under the hood will do the rest.

The AiDoge presale is one of the biggest surprises of the year so far, having raised more than $12 million in mere weeks.

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EcoTerra (ECOTERRA) – The Best Green Crypto on the Market


Designed to help with the recycling effort, EccoTerra is the world’s first Recyle2Earn app that allows its users to earn crypto while helping save the planet. With the effects of climate change being more and more dire each year, this guarantees that both the app and its native token ECCOTERRA will be immensely popular.

With $4.2 million raised, ECOTERRA is having an amazing presale. It is widely accepted that early investors stand to make massive gains once it hits the open market. Fortunately, there is still time to get on the EcoTerra bandwagon and secure some of those gains for yourself.

>>> Buy Ecoterra Now<<< (YPRED) – Comprehensive Trading and Analytics Platform utilizes a powerful AI to help traders predict and anticipate market trends. The app is intended for both new and veteran traders, as both groups stand to benefit from its incredible potential.

YPRED token will serve as a gateway to the entire ecosystem, allowing holders to take full advantage of all the features the app has to offer. These range from analytics to predictive models to help users have a better grasp of market movements. YPRED holders will also be able to vote on community decisions and have a say in how the project is run. is currently in presale and if you hurry up, you can also get a piece of this amazing platform. Do not hesitate though, as it has already raised more than $1.5 million and is nearing its hard cap goal.

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Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – Information Gathering Tool for Crypto Traders

Launchpad XYZ

Success in the crypto market, more than any other, depends on having the correct information at the right time. Launchpad XYZ aims at providing its users with exactly that, allowing them to act on real-time info immediately. This makes it a perfect gateway point to crypto trading, especially for new traders.

In addition to news, Launchpad XYZ will also provide its users with analytics and signal intelligence that will help them stay on top of the market trends.

LPX is the native token of the platform and is currently in presale. You can buy it using ETH, BNB, USDT, or a bank card.

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DeeLance ($DLANCE) – The Future of Freelancing


DeeLance is a new Web3 app for freelancers that threatens to completely disrupts the current market. With much lower fees and faster transactions, DeeLance addresses two main issues freelancers have with current market solutions.

Powered by its native currency DLANCE, the app offers an easy and cheap solution that allows freelancers to connect with clients and charge for their work. It will also provide a set of tools that will make maintaining their portfolios and advertising their services much easier.

With more than $1 million raised through presale so far, DeeLance is well on its way toward its hard cap goal and the subsequent first listings on crypto exchanges. Early bird investors stand to make a bundle with this crypto once that happens.

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SpongeBob (SPONGE) – The Ultimate Meme Coin


Riding on the wave of Pepe Coin and several other meme coins that made huge waves earlier this month, SpongeBob is one of the most fascinating meme tokens we have seen this year. It only took a few days since its launch to achieve cult status, following a massive pump and several key listings.

SPONGE, unlike many of its competitors, has published several key certificates that eliminate any doubt about rug pull or pump-and-dump schemes. This is one of the main reasons why investors trust it and are ready to commit to it long-term.

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Avalanche (AVAX) – Scalable Blockchain Network

Scalability was one of the most pressing issues plaguing blockchain technology and any platform that offered a solution was bound to be very popular with both investors and users. Avalanche is one of the most prominent infinitely scalable blockchain networks and as such, one of the safer bets on the crypto market.

Ripple (XRP) – Solution for Cheap International Money Transfers

Cross-border payments have always been fairly expensive and often lengthy procedures. Ripple offers a much cheaper and faster way of moving money across countries that performs much better than current international banking solutions.

Ripple provides a service that isn’t much affected by the usual volatility of the crypto market and as such it tends to be more stable than other tokens. In times like this one, stability is at a premium, which is why we can see XRP gaining in 2023.


Hopes of a full recovery of the crypto market have been somewhat dashed by yet another slump. Despite the grim Bitcoin prognosis, there are some tokens that seem immune to this.  AIDOGE, ECOTERRA, YPRED, LPX, DLANCE, and SPONGE continue their bullish runs and offer an excellent investment options in this time of crisis.

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