Can Pepe Coin and Big Eyes Coin Beat Bitcoin to Become the Best Meme Coins of 2023?

Crypto communities are always buzzing with news, it seems like there isn’t a boring day in the world of crypto. In today’s news, The world’s first Bitcoin Tower will be built in Dubai and the new meme coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) competes with Pepe Coin (PEPE) for a spot among the best meme coins of 2023 by offering a discounted presale and a crypto casino.

World’s First Bitcoin Tower to be Built in Dubai

A new hotel chain has been created to celebrate the importance of Bitcoin, incorporating blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. The chain offers NFTs to guests, providing exclusive utilities and the ability to earn interest on their rental payments.

Big Eyes Coin

The project will be presented in Dubai on May 24, 2023, and aims to showcase the innovative approach to hospitality and promote awareness and understanding of cryptocurrencies. The hotel chain’s design, including the virtual Bitcoin Tower, invites artists, architects, and crypto enthusiasts to submit their works for an exclusive collection of NFTs.

The physical Bitcoin Tower will be a 40-story architectural masterpiece dedicated to Bitcoin’s values and will serve as a symbol of the real estate revolution bridging the digital and physical worlds.


Is Big Eyes Coin The Best Meme Coin Of 2023?

All aboard the hype train! Big Eyes Coin is sounding the last call horn for its presale and lowering its token price for the remainder of the 14th and final stage of the presale. From now until June 3rd which is the last day of the presale, $BIG will be sold for the minuscule price of $0.00017.

Big Eyes Coin’s crypto casino will follow the launch in August and it will expand the utility of the token by enabling $BIG holders to take part in over 4000 games, many of which are P2E games.

Tokens spent in the casino will count towards the 24-hour trade volume. Which is a metric used to gauge the market’s interest in a given coin and helps determine its value. This means that theoretically, it’s enough to play using $BIG to increase its value, which is good news for $BIG holders.

Big Eyes Coin’s

Pepe Coin Leaps Forward After Backslide

Pepe Coin experienced a rally following a slide from its record-high price. Its price correlated with Bitcoin over the seven-day chart, rallying along with BTC on Friday into the weekend. The deflationary supply and clever economics of Pepe coin, including low fees and built-in redistributions, contributed to its rapid market capitalization.

The project gained popularity partly because of the Pepe meme’s existing community and the support of crypto whale investors, including Elon Musk. Investors looking for similar opportunities are advised to stay updated on new coins about to enter the market and take advantage of presales and discounts to get the best deal.

Pepe coin’s bullish debut highlights the demand for Ethereum-based meme coins like $BIG and the accessibility of blockchain platforms for building decentralised finance applications.

Big Eyes Coin

New meme coins are all the talk in crypto communities; first, it was Dogecoin and its copycats, then it was Pepe Coin, and now it’s Big Eyes Coin. We simply cannot ignore this once-in-a-while opportunity to ride a project like this to the top, especially now with the discount that’s available for a narrow time. Crypto is indeed volatile, but the pendulum swings upwards just as often as it swings downwards so hop on.

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