A Brave New World: How DogeMiyagi, Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Shaping The Future Of Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have given us an alternative to the centralised banking system and have come to dictate the direction of the financial system. The leaders of the crypto world, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), have a combined market capitalisation of $1.144 trillion and hold immense sway over the crypto market. This article will delve into the prowess of BTC and ETH. We will also look at DogeMiyagi, a meme coin in presale that is already deciding the future direction of meme coins with its unique project.

Bitcoin: The King Crypto

Bitcoin was created to be the central cog of a decentralised financial system that shunned intermediaries. The token debuted in 2009 in a world fresh from the 2008 financial crisis. BTC quickly made its mark and has climbed to astonishing heights since. BTC is now the undisputed leader of the crypto world, with a valuation of more than $800 billion.

BTC has grown beyond being a medium of exchange and is also regarded as a store of value. The digital asset has come to be known as “digital gold” and has performed as an inflation hedge. Bitcoin has acquired so much power that its price actions affect the crypto market as a whole. The token is also taken as a benchmark to measure the price of other tokens. The allure of BTC is not coming down anytime soon as financial institutions and institutional investors pile into the BTC network.

Ethereum: The Power Of The Largest Crypto Ecosystem

The Ethereum network boasts the largest ecosystem and developer community in the crypto world. The token is next to Bitcoin, with a market capitalisation of over $250 billion. ETH has mimicked the trajectory of BTC to come to be regarded as a store of value besides being a medium of exchange.


Ethereum, the most powerful blockchain ecosystem in the crypto world, with its ability to host dApps and DeFi, the network has given to thousands of crypto projects that utilise its blockchain as their layer 1. ETH’s Price movements influence the market; the token is also an integral part of crypto portfolios worldwide.

DogeMiyagi: The Direction Of Meme Coins

DogeMiyagi, a new meme coin in presale, has grabbed the market’s attention with its community-centred development plans. The project presents a vision for the future of meme coins with utility and ecosystem core areas of focus. The project also emphasises the centrality of its community.


DogeMiyagi plans to build a comprehensive ecosystem that can generate revenue for its holders. As a first step in this direction, it will launch DogeMiyagi NFTs that will be driven by $MIYAGI. The network has also stated that it plans to be a full DAO after launch, and $MIYAGI will be the governance token of the network.

To further appeal to the masses, the project has also launched a referral scheme where holders are rewarded with $MIYAGI for referring the network to friends and family.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have fundamentally shaped the crypto world with their networks and utility. The tokens will continue to influence the crypto world as their dominance continues unchallenged. DogeMiyagi brightly shines the spotlight on its community and has put wealth creation for it as its core goal. The token is a glimpse into the future of meme coins, where meme culture and fun are strongly backed by a utility-driven backbone.

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