A Quick Guide To Popular Casino Games With Onwin

Ever lost your money in a betting game because you didn’t know what you were doing?

It’s natural. You could be entering a casino completely clueless. No idea how to play the slot machines. Still unsure of the rules of blackjack and poker.

Throwing chips around mindlessly could be fun. But learning all the betting games and picking a favorite is your best bet to winning a pot.

Online casinos like Stake.com, ONWIN, and Bitcasino offer an endless variety of games, each one tailor-made for a different kind of player.

Players who just want to try their luck out may prefer bingo, roulette, baccarat, and craps. These games do not involve betting strategies or skills and can be enjoyed by all.

On the other hand, there are games split between luck and skill, such as poker, where your cards directly affect your chances of winning

In this article, you can find a guide to the most popular betting games out there and the rules for each one, courtesy of ONWIN.

Roulette: Get Your Money From Spinning The Wheel

Purely a luck-based game, Roulette is comprised of a wheel divided into sections numbered between 1 and 36. The numbers are further grouped into either color of red or black. Players have a variety of options to bet from.

They could bet on individual numbers, pick numbers only in red or black, or go for odd or even numbers.

Bets on individual numbers result in larger wins compared to a group of numbers. This is because the chances of the ball landing on the number of your choice are slim.

People still try to predict winning numbers in roulette through strategy, even though this is theoretically impossible.

Slots: Simple But Sophisticated

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Usually played through machines, Slots (or the pokies) are a game of chance where you bet money on a set pattern showing up on the screen.

For example, you could have three symbols: an apple, a cherry, and a banana. Payoffs could range from the lowest amount of all three fruits showing up to the highest amount of 3 cherries showing up in a row. 

Probabilities are programmed into slot machines, making it purely a game of luck. If you’re interested in this type of game, ONWIN offers an excellent online version of slots.

Poker: Part Luck, Part Skill

Similar to chess, poker is a game that is easy to play but incredibly difficult to master.

In this game, players are not betting against the house but against each other. Each player is given a pair of cards. These pairs are called hands, and they will be expected to bet based on the relative strength of their cards.

Five cards will be laid across the poker table at regular intervals, allowing everybody to bet. The best possible five cards, usually a combination of the player’s hand and cards on the table, is called the winning hand.

The player who has the winning hand takes all of the cash bet by players unless he/she has to split the pot with an equally good hand.

ONWIN’s premium poker section was designed to cater to every player, from budding amateurs to professionals.

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