Are Dogetti, Moonshot, and Bitcoin Worthy Cryptos for the Long Term?

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009. After years of opposition and skepticism, cryptocurrencies have started to make their presence felt in the form of Dogetti (DETI) and Moonshot (MSHOT).

Many realize today that cryptocurrencies could be just what the world needs in the form of an alternative financial model that is free from the pressures of government policies, global wars, and pandemics.

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The last few years have been phenomenal, with the emergence of thousands of new altcoins and meme coins that not only let people make money but also present solutions to real-world problems. From helping farmers in India to sell their crops in crypto coins to protecting oceans and marine life, the crypto industry has come a long way.

The consistent supply of new cryptocurrencies always keeps investors looking for the next big thing in the crypto market. Two new players that have been making headlines for the right reasons are Dogetti (DETI) and Moonshot (MSHOT). Both of these new cryptocurrencies are unique in their own right and offer growth potential.


However, when it comes to long-term holding, how do these two compare to the industry giant Bitcoin? Let’s take a closer look.

Dogetti (DETI): Where Community Holds Value

Dogetti (DETI) is a dog-themed meme coin that is in the second stage of its presale campaign. Don Eloni and the Dogetti Family have wasted little time in stealing the limelight and building a strong community of loyalists.

Dogetti is all about giving back to the community of supporters, also known as Dogetti Family. It aims at creating a sense of ownership and shared purpose among members. Together, they build an inclusive clan that welcomes new and innovative ideas.

Some of the salient features of Dogetti include:

  1. Dogetti NFTs allow users to keep a digital pet for upcoming events and content.
  2. It stands up for animal welfare causes and donates to animal welfare charities.
  3. The Dogetti Family believes in the power of innovation and technology.
  4. Dogetti focuses on openness, transparency, and fair distribution to make the Dogetti Family a fun place to be.
  5. First come, first serve. That’s the rule since DETI has a limited token supply.
  6. It is one of the best options for the long term because of its buy-back protocol and 2% reflection on all transactions.
  7. Dogetti is a much more secure and private digital currency than many of its ancestors in the crypto industry.
  8. As Dogetti believes in the power of its clan, DogettiDAO allows them to propose and vote for the development and direction of the project.

Since we are discussing the long-term investment options in the crypto world, let’s divulge more on Dogetti’s buy-back protocol. Dogetti ensures a steady income stream for all DETI holders, thanks to its 2% reflection on all transactions. An engaging and active community will play a long way in this regard, thereby creating wealth for the Dogetti Family.

Moonshot (MSHOT): A Real-World Utility Token

Moonshot (MSHOT) stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique investment strategy and exclusive rewards system.

This digital currency looks to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the crypto world.


It comes with a range of features, including liquidity pool rewards, staking rewards, and a transaction fee distribution mechanism.

Moonshot is one of the few cryptocurrencies that focuses more on a buy-and-hold investment strategy. Most cryptocurrencies encourage high-volume trading, but it’s not the case with Moonshot. It generally rewards its users with NFTs, including animated series and games. It is one of those cryptocurrencies that can’t be bought using fiat currencies.

If you want to purchase MSHOT tokens, you will have to make the purchase using other cryptocurrencies. Moonshot got off the mark with a total token supply of a quadrillion MSHOTs. Currently, over 300 billion MSHOT tokens have been burned forever.

Bitcoin (BTC): The Original Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) was the first drop of rain from the skies of cryptocurrencies.

Back in 2009, Bitcoin gripped the world in the frenzy of a new phenomenon that went berserk.

Bitcoin, known otherwise as the original cryptocurrency, is still the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Bitcoin has largely relied upon a finite supply and decentralized nature to stay relevant as an attractive investment instrument for crypto users.

Unlike Dogetti and Moonshot, Bitcoin has already passed the test of time.

It has been staying strong and upright for the last 14 years or so, and it shows no signs of wear and tear.

Its value has skyrocketed over the years, touching an all-time high of $67,566.83 on Nov. 8, 2021.

The Verdict: Which One Should You Hold On To?

Cryptocurrencies are typically not regarded as a long-term holding option, but things are bound to evolve and change with time.

New entrants like Dogetti and Moonshot encourage their users to stay with them for a long time to make bigger returns on their initial investments.

It is always recommended to consider the long-term growth potential and adoption of a cryptocurrency before investing your precious money for a long period.

Although Dogetti and Moonshot offer unique features and potential for growth to their long-term investors, both are relatively new projects with uncertain futures.

On the other hand, Bitcoin has a proven track record of growth and stability as it has withstood the test of time for the last half a decade.

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