David Gokhstein Reveals Plans To Re-Enter The Crypto Meme Market

Meme currencies have been around for a while, but they have often come under fire for being volatile, unstable, and unreliable. The most recent is by Solodity.io CEO McCurry, who has dubbed Dogecoin and other dog-inspired coins garbage, and Steven Cooper, who claims it is a cheap token used to entice people to invest in dubious spinoffs. 

Additionally, it appears that these currencies are highly sensitive to the personal opinions of individuals like Elon Musk. Nevertheless, some people continue to think that these coins have potential.

Let’s explore. 

David Gokhstein considering investing in meme-coins 

David Gokhshtein, a crypto enthusiast and the founder of Gokhshtein Media, which reports on the industry’s news and events, announced on Twitter that he is seriously considering purchasing meme coins once more. He also congratulated BabyDoge, a well-known meme coin, on reaching a significant milestone. 

David declared in a tweet that he is “so close to jumping into meme coins again.”  It should be mentioned that the crypto enthusiast already has a sizable amount of the two biggest meme tokens in terms of market cap, Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Dogecoin (DOGE). 

Gokhshtein has supported SHIB particularly recently and for the entirety of last year. He predicts that Shiba Inu’s value would soar during the upcoming crypto market bull run.

Gokhstein Has Earlier Urged SHIB to hit a penny 

This is a contrast to what he had said earlier, in the comment thread of another of his recent tweets. He stated that the bulk of his followers would not make good use of $10,000 in cryptocurrency and someone jokingly rebuked David for having his liquidity stuck in meme coins. 

Moreover, he “urged” the popular meme coin earlier this year to spike to the $0.01 level so as to “do him a favor” and let him dump it. 

To conclude, 

In the cryptocurrency community, there seems to be a broad spectrum of viewpoints on meme-coins. While some are certain that it has potential, others believe it to be absolutely useless. 

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