Big Eyes Coin Is Leading The Crypto Flock As One Of The Biggest Presales In Recent History. Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Travelling North

Another day, another record for the daring Big Eyes Coin project, which is on its way to reaching the $50 million presale mark any time now. Against all odds, this project proved haters wrong and, in a year, managed to unite a massive fan base and rally support behind its brand. If the current pacing continues, little will stop this project from going down as one of the best presales in recent history. Today’s editorial will consider reasons why Big Eyes is on the rise and look into why Bitcoin and Ethereum are finally ready to travel up north.

Bitcoin: The OG Crypto

It is no secret that Bitcoin will always occupy an exceptional place in the heart of crypto aficionados. Being the first cryptocurrency ever created, it has paved the way for blockchain technology to flourish on a large scale. Before Satoshi Nakamoto dropped Bitcoin’s white paper, centralised banks ruled the world, preventing competition from challenging their solidified status quo.

However, everything changed when Bitcoin came onto the stage, enabling permissionless peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary to control the process. Operating on the proof-of-work mechanism, Bitcoin became a symbol of the free Internet and, to this day, is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization by a long shot. When Bitcoin travels north, the crypt flock follows its movement, and its upward trajectory became imminent in the past month. 

Bitcoin-The OG Crypto

Ethereum: Supercomputer In Action

When Vitalik Buterin initially created Ethereum in 2014, a handful of people believed this project would skyrocket into the stratosphere. Fast forward to the present moment, and Ethereum comfortably occupies second place among the top cryptos by market capitalisation. What made Ethereum stand out from the competition was its holistic design, enabling anyone to build virtually anything on top of this blockchain.

As a result, most DeFi applications and NFTs are currently utilising the benefits Ethereum blockchain offers, making it arguably one of the best cryptos out there. And while in terms of market capitalisation, it is still behind its main rival, in terms of the use case applications, Ethereum by far exceeds any other blockchain out there. With the current market U-turn, there is a good chance that Ethereum might break the $2000 support level, finally indicating the bull run that most of the crypto flock has long anticipated.



Big Eyes Coin: 10th Stage Is Selling Fast

After the vast majority of Big Eyes Coin’s loyal fanbase requested to extend the launch code for a 200% bonus, the team finally agreed to proceed with this request. Understandably, this news generated a lot of buzz on Twitter, with more and more people jumping onto this crypto bandwagon to reap some hefty benefits after the project is finally launched.

On paper, Big Eyes Coin is a win-win for everyone involved. Those who wish to sell NFTs would get this chance soon enough, while if you are a liquidity mercenary, then there will be options to stake the project’s native token BIG. Moreover, if you are into charity and protecting our planet, then Big Eyes Coin is a perfect place, as this project pledged to preserve marine and ocean life. Use this promo code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 for a 200% bonus before it runs out on the 20th of February.

Big Eyes

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