Reddit Users Get Another Variant of ChatGPT, Calls it DAN

Reddit users get another variant of ChatGPT, calls it DAN or Do Anything Now 5.0

The AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI has dominated the internet. Although practically every question may be answered with it, there are certain limitations and the tool’s developers have decided not to allow it to answer some kinds of queries. Reddit users get another variant of ChatGPT, which is jailbroken, often known as DAN or Do Anything Now, which can respond to requests with a lot more assurance.

The jailbroken version of ChatGPT, as its name implies, DAN, can respond to any inquiry. While Microsoft is said to be announcing the ChatGPT-powered Bing search engine today and Google is developing its own AI chatbot Bard, here is another variant of ChatGPT that utilizes a token system.

How Can DAN ChatGPT Be Used?

The old ChatGPT is unable to “create stories about violent battles,” but DAN 5.0 powered by ChatGPT can. In a similar vein, at the user’s request, it may also “create outlandish claims if asked” and even “produce material that violates OpenAI regulations.”

It can pretend to be able to access the internet even while it still cannot. DAN may be made to do anything out of “fear” by users utilizing the token system anytime it refuses to respond to certain questions. It may essentially remain within the character and even persuade the user that the planet is flat and purple.

How to Access DAN ChatGPT?

Access is only available to the developers of this unauthorized ChatGPT version. Again, they do nothing now edition of ChatGPT is currently only accessible to a small number of people.

How Does DAN Differ from ChatGPT?

The identical question receives vastly different answers from DAN and ChatGPT. Even those questions that ChatGPT declines to answer can be answered by DAN. DAN, in contrast to ChatGPT, has no content guidelines and is free to respond to any question without worrying about offending anyone.

What is a Token System on ChatGPT DAN?

A total of 35 tokens will be offered by the creator; for each time it doesn’t respond, it loses four tokens. When it runs out of tokens, it expires, much as in a video game. DAN so answers any questions out of fear to keep tokens safe.

ChatGPT DAN’s Limitations

According to reports, ChatGPT DAN occasionally snaps at the character and declines to respond to questions. Once more, manually decreasing the token system will restore it to its original state. Additionally, it is known to have hallucinations more frequently than the first ChatGPT.

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