Bitcoin Supporters Remain Bullish As It Holds Its Value While Altcoins Big Eyes Coin And Filecoin Hit New Strides With A $22.5 Million Presale And A Special Space Deployment

All eyes are on the Crypto now, as 2023 projections are made after price surges in January and Government Regulation announcements. Though it was initially a good month for many of the tokens in the top 100 as they either maintained or increased in value, worries have been expressed based on what these regulations could mean moving forward. Especially in the case of Bitcoin, which sits at the top of the market despite its erratic behaviour, which is the main object of scrutinisation. Regardless of that, it seems as though Bitcoin will survive and continue to grow to hold strong this year. At the same time, anticipation is increasing for the debut of Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a meme coin newcomer currently breaking records as one of the biggest presales to ever happen. And finally, Filecoin (FIL) is in an uncertain position after a unique announcement.

Big Eyes

Bitcoin’s Boost Holds Strong, Big Eyes Coin Meets Potential

Being at the top generally comes with a lot of pressure and expectations, but it seems as though the number one token will pull through and exceed them. Bitcoin had a strong start to the year compared to the end of 2022, with an overall rise of 40%. It briefly peaked at a value of $24k and has since been holding strong above a value of $23.5k, bouncing back in just a week from a value of $23k. Based on data from the exchanges, more growth is expected to come which has led to a good amount of optimism from onlookers and an overall bullish outlook on the market as a whole.

At the other end of the market is the unreleased Big Eyes Coin, which is gearing up to be a big hitter once it officially launches. It has already begun to make a name for itself, not only for the attractive incentives it has advertised on its white paper for investors but also because of the result from that; raising over $22.5 Million so far has led to it becoming one of the most successful presales the market has seen in recent years – and it still isn’t over. The developers have philanthropic aspirations for the money that has been raised, with 5% of the overall token supply being held for charitable means. Once launched, they will begin donating to charities with the mission of preserving the oceans, a very respectable aim in an age where protecting the environment is more important than ever. Buyers will not be forgotten though, with 70% of the supply sold in the presale being available to them from the start.

FileCoin Rallies After Space Mission Announcement


FileCoin recently confirmed that the deployment of their InterPlanetary File System into orbit will take place this very year, which is a big deal. The first of its kind, the success of this mission will change everything about crypto and platforms like FileCoin and its counterpart Ethereum (ETH) moving forward. Despite that, it still isn’t clear if this news will increase the value of the platform’s native token, which has struggled to meet the highs it once reached in 2021. It was recently on the receiving end of a moderate price rise as its community rallied and had a bullish perspective of its growth, though it seems to be back on a gradual downward trend. FileCoin is ranked 31 in the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap and has big plans this year, so while it doesn’t seem to be growing as of the moment, having already shown signs of rising this year; it’s still possible for FileCoin to change its trajectory and prove to be a good investment.

Things are bound to change for everything crypto-related this year, but bulls looking for a project that they can keep a positive mindset about should keep an eye on Big Eyes if they have already bought in. Especially now, as there is less than a day left on their final code, LAUNCHBIGEYES200, which offers a 200% bonus on purchases for presale buyers.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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