Carbonyl: a New Graphical Web Browser in Your Linux Terminal – Slashdot

Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: Someone made a Chromium fork… for your terminal. The terminal-based browser Carbonyl “adheres to, and is compatible with modern standards,” writes MUO, “meaning that pages behave as they should, and you can even watch streaming video, within the Linux terminal!”

But best of all, “Pages connect and render in an instant—seemingly quicker than a desktop GUI browser, and every page we visited was rendered correctly.”
From the article:

There are a bunch of good reasons to browse the internet from the comfort of your terminal. It could be that eschewing the bloat of and Wayland, a terminal is all you have. Maybe you like SSHing into remote machines and browsing the internet from there.

Perhaps you, like us, just really, really like terminals.

Whatever the reason, your choices of web browsers have, until recently, been limited, and your experience of the world wide web has been a janky, barely-functional one…. We tested Carbonyl in a range of Linux terminals, including the XFCE terminal. GNOME terminal, kitty, and the glorious Cool Retro Terminal. Carbonyl was smooth, fast, and flawless in all of them.

We even connected to our Raspberry Pi via SSH in CRT, and ran Carbonyl remotely, watching Taylor Swift music videos on YouTube. No problem.

And yes, you can use it to play DOOM.

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