How Miner US is Transforming Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining with Best ROI

With many people looking for ways to earn through crypto mining or blockchain applications, Miner US has established itself as a one-stop destination for miners and blockchain enthusiasts alike. Founded in 2019, Miner US offers a solution for crypto lovers to create a fundamental infrastructure that can be utilized by all mining nodes through Ethereum.

Miner-US also offers its customers lifetime cloud mining plans with several choices of hash rate power. Miner US gives a multi-algorithm, multi-coin cloud mining service by deploying ground-breaking technology.

For this purpose, a team of engineers, data scientists,  operators, and risk managers provide investment advice in a way that also makes them accountable for your cryptocurrency and blockchain investments.


Why is Miner US– the next big crypto project?

Over the past few years, Miner US has gained a reputation for offering safe, stable, transparent, fair, low-cost and high-yield cloud mining and a global digital asset circulation system for users across the globe.

Miner US wishes to introduce a future Internet of value by establishing the most influential asset circulation platform under the high arithmetic reward and node consensus incentive model in the future, to create a social structure of mining ecology. Miner US protocol is too expected to metamorphose into a self-owned public chain.


Why is Miner US an Authentic and Trustworthy platform? 

Since its inception, Miner US has put in tough endeavors to be the transparent, trust-worthy firm that it is now. As a result, it has been approved by New York Department State in the form of receiving several certificates and licenses. It is also registered as a ‘Domestic Business Corporation’.

Another factor that has aided in Miner US’ market credibility is its strategic partnerships with AIBrain, Amazon, Oxdata and Salesforce. 


Referral rewards

With Miner US, users can get profitable referral rewards by inviting their friends to join its platform. These rewards are offered in USDT. Thus, the incentive is safely backed by Tether’s reserves.

When a friend who has the reference of Miner US, registers on the platform, their profile is added to the “My Team” section. But, note that Commission money is ineligible for dividends until offline computer power is purchased, and even then, eligibility depends on a ratio that is proportional to the number of users.

As soon as the offline processing power is purchased, commission income is offered as dividends and an 8% up to 16% purchase rebate is given to the customers.

But crypto lovers can also move a step ahead to earn VIP privileges and perks. The benefits depend on the VIP status. With higher VIP status, one can make a higher daily income. The highest level of VIP status can earn a whopping 10% of daily revenue.


Here are the Referral Purchase Rebates:


VIP 1    

Level 1 : 8.00%   

Level 2 : 0.00%   

Level 3 : 0.00%   


VIP 2    

Level 1 : 8.00%   

Level 2 : 1.00%   

Level 3 : 0.00%   


VIP 3   

Level 1 : 9.00%   

Level 2 : 1.00%   

Level 3 : 0.00%   


VIP 4   

Level 1 : 10.00%   

Level 2 : 1.00%   

Level 3 : 0.00%   


VIP 5   

Level 1 : 11.00%   

Level 2 : 1.00%   

Level 3 : 0.00%   


VIP 6    

Level 1 : 12.00%   

Level 2 : 2.00%   

Level 3 : 1.00%



Level 1 : 13.00%   

Level 2 : 2.00%   

Level 3 : 1.00%


VIP 1 Hashrates(GH/s) (0.00~999.99 USDT) Daily earning (2.50%)

VIP 2 Hashrates(GH/s) (1000.00~4999.99 USDT) Daily earning (3.00%)

VIP 3 Hashrates(GH/s) (5000.00~9999.99 USDT) Daily earning ( 3.50%)

VIP 4 Hashrates(GH/s) (10000.00~99999.99 USDT) Daily earning (4.00%)

VIP 5 Hashrates(GH/s) (30000.00~499999.99 USDT) Daily earning (5.50%)

VIP 6 Hashrates(GH/s) (100000.00~499999.99 USDT) Daily earning ( 6.50%)

SVIP Hashrates(GH/s) (500000.00~5999999.99 USDT) Daily earning (10.00%)


Ending Notes

Having been known for its authenticity, low-cost services and attractive referral deals, Miner US has proved its stance as a one-stop destination for crypto miners and blockchain enthusiasts. Miner US is also moving a step further in the crypto space by backing developers and designers to build an innovative economic model for the world.  Visit, Miner US to know what else is in store!


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