Logitech is Working on a Project Starline-like Video Chat Booth – Slashdot

An anonymous reader shares a report: Logitech, perhaps known best for its personal computer accessories like the webcam I have used for nearly every workday for three years, is revealing an ambitious new prototype on Tuesday: an elaborately designed video chat booth it calls “Project Ghost” that’s designed to be a better space to have virtual conversations. I understand if that description might make you think of Google’s Project Starline, another conceptual video chat booth. When Logitech first told me about Project Ghost, that’s where my mind went. And the core idea is similar: you’ll be able to sit in a booth and talk to a lifelike projection of another person who is in another place in a way that approximates an in-person conversation.

But unlike Project Starline, which relies on an elaborate array of sensors and cameras to create a hologram-like projection, Project Ghost uses videoconferencing technology Logitech already sells, pulls a trick like what you might know from a teleprompter to create the projection, and packs that all into a booth designed by office furniture maker Steelcase to create a potentially more comfortable experience for conversations. No word on the pricing, but apparently it won’t be less than $2,000 for sure.

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