The Calvaria (RIA) presale ended – Why You Need to Buy on CEX ASAP!

Calvaria (RIA) is a new crypto star to consider if you’re looking for a new investing option. It collected almost $3 million USDT in a short time and its presale exploded in the past few days, ended at a very fast pace. This is a worthy result for Calvaria owing to its unique concept and exciting future on the crypto market Take a look at how we have analyzed Calvaria, then hurry up and buy it as soon as it hit CEX exchanges!

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Why have users chosen RIA?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is an exciting battle card game. It has attracted the interest of a wide range of players. However, it sparked the interest of both experienced crypto investors and first-time buyers. It is for sure that Calvaria has something that players consider exciting and challenging. As the opposite of many online games, Calvaria offers many great features – players can participate in duels, compete strategically against their opponents, and use tactics and skills to win the game. 

There are no limitations by age, experience, or other player characteristics that will prevent players from playing the game. It is a refreshment in the card battle games since all old games started to look the same. Calvaria has newly designed graphics, different concepts, and many details that attract attention. Even beginners can quickly learn to play this game so that Calvaria can become their first online gaming experience. 

All should attract broad interest in this exciting game. Calvaria has tremendous advantages, and it is above other GameFi projects on so many levels. Experts expect that it will gather a wide range of users and players and keep them entertained for a long time. This currency has a long-time potential, so you should not waste your time anymore – buy it while the price is still affordable!

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What makes Calvaria unique?

Calvaria has a platform designed to enable two versions of the Duels of Eternity game. You can play the play-to-earn (P2E) arrangement or the free-to-play (F2P) model. In that way, the game attracts many more players, offering them two great options to learn and practice playing the game. 

The free-to-play version is a fantastic way to practice and get involved with the gaming model. The only thing that this version will not allow you is to earn rewards, but you can easily switch to the P2E version, where the game rewards you with each achievement you get. 

Both versions are identical in every other term, including gameplay. Even if you cannot earn money or any other rewards on the F2P performance, you can show results to other players. This feature shows players how much each would make if they played the P2E version. It is teasing, though, daring players to show their courage and join the P2E version. The real fun starts there, though, where players can participate in online battles, earn rewards, and exchange them with other players. 

The real value of crypto starts at this moment when players join the paid version of the game and start trading. Native tokens RIA can be earned in many challenging and exciting ways. The currency has a high potential to keep players interested in playing, winning, and engaged for a long time, increasing its value simultaneously. It is an opportunity that investors should not miss, so hurry up to invest in this fantastic crypto star with a high potential to double your investment!

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Calvaria already has numerous followers!

It is obvious why Calvaria has already attracted numerous players and investors, even while it was in the presale stage. Players are encouraged to play and invest in this currency during the all stages of the presale, with significant advantages that the game has. They have seen that it is easy to win prizes, earn rewards, and get the new superior coin in a fun way. For that reason, the currency exploded during the presale, and it ended before they had planned. As the presale recently ended, you should hurry up to join this large community and get the highest potential of this currency. Do not forget, it is the last moment to grab your RIA!

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RIA token increases the price very quickly!

As the presale ended, the price of RIA tokens is increasing quickly, and it will continue in the months to come. We will surely see the most significant success of RIA when listed on the BKEX exchange on January 31. Listing on this exchange will launch a series of exciting events. The following lists where RIA will be listed are the same influential on the crypto market – LBank, and GotBit, which have confirmed the listing of RIA.

All the above will lead to a sudden increase in the value of the RIA coin, so investing in it is the wisest decision you will make this year. You should use this moment of RIA token presale to invest in it, though all predictions of crypto analysts agree that RIA could pump 10x this year! So, do not hesitate to purchase one of the most promising rising stars in the crypto market now!

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As the crypto market was still vulnerable due to a crash last year, we still feel the consequences. This year, we should make wise decisions when investing in crypto. It is for sure that 2023 will be the year of exciting games, and RIA is one of them that will gain fantastic success! The price of RIA tokens will never be at this level anymore, so you should invest while it is this favorable. So, hurry up and buy them before the price explodes!

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