Top Tech News Today: ChatGPT Fails to Impress Meta AI Chief, Here’s Why! Data Shows Binance Moved $346 Million for Seized Crypto Exchange Bitzlato

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What’s New Today: Report: Elon Musk Was Sued for Not Paying Rent for Twitter Offices in London and San Francisco.

Fast-Track Insights: CZ Claims FTX Paid $43 Million to an Information Group to Spread Binance Rumours.

Since its launch, OpenAl’s ChatGPT, an Al chatbot, has received a lot of publicity. Not a day goes by without a news report mentioning ChatGPT. ChatGPT may be the newest technological breakthrough, according to experts. Yann Le Cun, the chief scientist at Meta Al, believes that it is merely “well put together” and “nothing revolutionary.” According to ZDNET, Le Cun expressed his opinions on ChatGPT. Le Cun contends that despite what the public perception might lead one to believe, ChatGPT is not a pioneer. He claimed, “ChatGPT is not particularly innovative in terms of underlying techniques… Although the public perceives it that way, it is not revolutionary..”

According to a BBC report, Twitter was sued last week in London’s High Court by the Crown Estate, which looks after King Charles III’s property there. According to the report, Twitter rented an office space in central London close to Piccadilly Circus. Following Twitter’s failure to make its most recent monthly rent payment for January, totaling $3.4 million, the owner of the company’s San Francisco headquarters also filed a lawsuit against the company. Twitter has not only been unable to make rent payments in San Francisco but also in London. According to a previous report, Twitter was being sued and owed between $136 and $260 in overdue rent on a different office in San Francisco

The premium version of ChatGPT, a chatbot trained on a sizable dataset of human-generated text and able to produce human-like responses to a variety of prompts, is now reportedly being rolled out by OpenAI, the Microsoft-owned AI company. You can use ChatGPT to complete tasks like text completion, question answering, and language translation. It is made to be adaptable to a variety of natural language processing tasks and flexible. According to reports, a few ChatGPT users recently announced on social media that they now have access to a “ChatGPT Professional” version that costs $42 per month.

Binance processed nearly $346 million (roughly Rs. 2,900 crores) in Bitcoin for the Bitzlato digital currency exchange, whose founder was arrested last week by US authorities for allegedly running a “money laundering engine,” according to blockchain data obtained by Reuters. On January 18, the Justice Department charged Anatoly Legkodymov, a Russian national living in China, with operating an unlicensed money exchange business that “fueled a high-tech axis of crypto crime” by processing $700 million (Rs. 5,800 crores) in illicit funds. According to the Justice Department, Bitzlato boasted about the laxity of its client background checks, and when the exchange did ask for ID information, “it repeatedly allowed them to provide information belonging to “straw” clients.

Binance CEO Changpeng (CZ) Zhao claimed in a Twitter area speech that FTX paid $43 million to a crypto news outlet that frequently publishes negative articles on Binance. CZ also stated that merchants with quick positions look to “generate negative information” to improve their trades. As a result, he’s “high-quality” with crypto skeptics, akin to Peter Schiff criticizing the industry because “they don’t get it, they don’t perceive it.” Nonetheless, he admitted to being aware of the negative press purportedly funded by FTX. “I don’t think it’ll stop,” CZ said, “but I don’t think it’ll bother us all that much in the future.” The Binance CEO praised people’s ability to “make their own decisions,” saying that “people are fairly good in this regard.”

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