Redfall gets a May 2nd release date and more gameplay footage

Bethesda’s upcoming vampire shooter Redfall is now releasing on May 2nd. Redfall was originally delayed last year, alongside Starfield, to the first half of 2023. Microsoft and Bethesda are now committing to a May 2nd release date, and it will be available exclusively on Xbox Series S and X and PC.

We got to see a good amount of gameplay footage for Redfall, from the team behind Dishonored, during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase last year, and today’s Developer Direct stream has offered up even more.

We got to see a brief look at a lighthouse story mission, where you fight through enemies and vampires known as the shroud, which can shift through the floor to avoid damage. The gameplay included a moment where you have to defeat vampires in the blood-stained walls of a house and use combat robots to distract and eliminate enemies.

We also saw vampire nests that change every time you step inside. This combat included three other players aiming to destroy a heart to kill off the vampire nest. There are similar pockets of enemies all over the island. Outside the main missions, there are also side quests, with some involving finding safe houses.

Redfall offers up the usual assortment of shotguns and sniper rifles, but you can also attach vampire stakes that are customizable. Bosses also have unique abilities, including shields, that should make fights more challenging.

The lighthouse mission in Redfall.
Image: Bethesda

The story for Arkane’s co-op shooter is largely unknown right now, but Redfall is an island town that has been ruined by vampires that were created from a scientific experiment. You’ll get to play as one of four characters, each with their own backstory and skillset with unique ability upgrades.

Redfall has drawn comparisons to Left 4 Dead with vampires in place of zombies, but Arkane creative director Ricardo Bare revealed earlier this month that the game is “more like loading into Far Cry.”

Redfall launches exclusively on Xbox Series X / S and PC on May 2nd and will be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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