Residential proxies for use: what they are

Today, the Internet offers miscellaneous tools to improve your online activities, whether you need them for work, leisure, or other purposes. The fact is proxy services are among the most desired in the sphere of tools for security and anonymity. Why are they so effective for enhancing these features, and where to buy residential IPs at reasonable pricing?

Proxy services as a tool to improve your business

A proxy server is a computer that receives the information exchanged before the final user. It is named proxy because it’s always between the two parties of Internet communication: a client and a host. Hence, a proxy server helps control users, redirect traffic, safeguard personal information or other sensitive data from being intercepted or attacked, and perform many other functions.

Based on this, proxies offer varied services the most often needed for business. Using proxies for personal goals, you may need them to circumvent some government blocks denying access to certain sources, and to secure personal info. But in business, you can use them in a much wider variety of situations requiring your teams to research, collect information, and analyze data. Using proxies for these goals helps keep your corporate computers safe from attacks and blocks and, at the same time, provides perfect conditions for productive business hours. 

Residential proxies – the gist and main benefits

As it is logical to assume, various types of proxies exist to meet diverse requirements for particular situations. One of the classifications refers to which IPs are used to provide the services:

  • database proxies suggest IPs artificially created by a server dedicated for this purpose especially;
  • mobile proxies are real servers that use the IPs of mobile devices;
  • residential proxies are real servers too, but their IPs represent the computers of people that use them at home.

So, residential IP addresses are provided by ISPs of the world according to the owners’ permission. The owners got paid for proxy providers using their computers as proxies. 

As residential proxies are real-user devices, they are far more convenient for completing various tasks that require imitating the behavior of a regular Internet user. It includes the following:

  • businesses can use them for revealing info valuable for potential clientele;
  • you can safely use the information from your competitors’ websites;
  • it’s far more complicated for restricting tools to detect your IP and identify it as suspicious to deny access;
  • due to the abovementioned, they provide a more reliable connection and better work conditions, which explains their efficiency.

As you start using residential proxy servers, you realize their versatility for marketing and other business needs. 

As you can see, using a proxy, you can raise your performance figures considerably. But to reach the desired heights, you need to choose a reliable provider. Pay your attention to SOAX – a decent application allowing you to adapt the dashboard according to your activity specifics. The company is interested in every customer finding a solution, so it provides a flexible pricing policy that you can customize at the beginning and further. Try now and see yourself!

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