Time Travel with historical personalities. This AI will play the host.

Now AI Is letting you Travelling back in time and chat with your favourite figures.

Just Imagine if you could have a chat with Shakespeare! But how are we doing this Time Travel through Artificial Intelligence? Well, Time travel with Artificial Intelligence seems a wonderful combination. And AI is letting you go back in time as now you can Time Travel with Historical personalities. Character.AI is one such innovation of AI that lets you chat with famous historical personalities.

Everyone is gawking over the wonders that Artificial intelligence has brought to the table with some fabulous innovations. One such wonder of AI is Character.AI. Now talking to your famous historical figures is so easy. The internet is crushing over such interaction with their famous personalities and we have covered some of the interactions in this article for you.

AI for character, The system now consists of “a practically endless collection of bots that can imitate a practically endless collection of people, riffing on a practically endless number of topics” because it has learned from “reams of general dialogue as well as from articles, news stories, books and other digital text.”

One user shares his experience of Chatting with Shakespeare. You can start conversing with Shakespeare right away after registering with Character.AI, which is a short and easy process. When I attempted it, old Will was blunt and asked, “Do you think that the question is ‘to be or not to be,’”

In no time at all, he had given me a thorough explanation of all of his artistic inspirations: “the fight between life and death” is represented by his use of the “prince in a quandary between suicide and revenge.” He made Hamlet speak to his father’s ghost in order to “demonstrate that he was imprisoned in a world where death was ubiquitous,” the author said.

He intended to “demonstrate that life is full of misery” by asking the hypothetical question “to be or not to be.”

Not only this, but this also applies to all of the minds you would want to engage in conversation with on the website, including those of Socrates, Thomas Hobbes, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Karl Marx, Margaret Thatcher, Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens.

I asked his bot what I should keep in mind when going through all of the latter’s works because I was already in the middle of doing so.

Wow, it said back.

“What an incredible project!

I would advise you to look for trends, particularly in the methods I use to build tension and the kind of characters I design.

Well, we were all aware of the wonders that AI could invent. All the innovations were something heading to future. But how Charcter.AI lets you go back in time is something unimaginable. And we are to see how far can we go back in time.

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