Creating a Model of Data You Can Use to Stay Up to Date as Regulations Change by Manuel Martinez Chamorro, CTO & Co-founder at Privasee

At Privasee, they believe that complying with data protection regulations like the GDPR shouldn’t be difficult. They’ve experienced it firsthand in their prior business and know how long and expensive the process is.

Privasee makes it easy for companies to comply with GDPR and other data protection regulations by creating a model of the data you use in your company and generating policies and a cookie banner that stay up to date as regulations change.

Privasee: The Guardian Helper of Companies in All Sectors of Technology

It’s great to see how Privasee is helping companies in all industries. Essentially, they are the trusted partner of their customers when they are developing new products or features. Customers always come to them to ensure that their high level is maintained even as they grow.

Breaking into Bit-Size Chunks for Meaningful Process

Education is a big part of what Privasee does. Their industry is relatively new. Although it existed before GDPR it is after it that it starts skyrocketing and as you may know, data protection is a difficult, complex topic that is quite new. One of the biggest challenges is explaining to companies the magnitude of a task GDPR compliance is and how to break it down into bite-size chunks so that meaningful progress is made.

Correct Usage of the Platform

Manuel quotes “our biggest USP is the fact that you don’t need to be an expert to use the platform and that the platform updates over time as your company or regulations change.”

A Secure SaaS Platform for Your Businesses

Privasee has a Saas platform in which you can input all the information you already know about the business – for example, the tools you use (HubSpot, MailChimp…) the types of data you use, and other information about the business. They also have scanners that find this information.

The firm then generates your personal data inventory and from that, they’re able to generate privacy policies, cookie policies, cookie banners, and soon data processing agreements all tailored to your business, which can be changed any time when your company or regulation changes.

Unlocking Different Regulations

Currently, the firm helps companies comply with EU and UK GDPR but they’re looking to support companies that are looking to comply with Data Protection Regulations worldwide including CCPA/CPRA and other data protection state laws in the US. In the future, a company from any place in the world will be able to use the Privasee platform to comply with its local regulations and as they grow it can continue to unlock different regulations as they serve new markets.

Lack of Education on GDPR

Manuel thinks that the main challenge of the industry is education. Education because there is a lot of misinformation about what the GDPR is and isn’t and how to apply it practically to a company. One thing is what the legislation says but it is the court decisions and the hundred-page-long documents released by the European Data Protection Board that give more concrete examples of how the GDPR can be enforced.

Additionally, aside from the GDPR, they also look at other regulations like the ePrivacy Directive and how it interacts with GDPR in online marketing and cookies. Anyone who is building a company doesn’t have the time to sit down and become a GDPR expert yet it is something that must be present in the day-to-day running of the business as it’s critical to embed it into product development, programming, and customer support, legal, hr and so on.

Management: Manuel Martinez Chamorro, CTO & Co-founder at Privasee

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