Why Binance Has Dropped Below $290 And Still Looks Unstable, While Bitgert Remains Bullish

The crypto market has stabilized, and looking at most cryptocurrencies in the top 20, they have made insignificant ebbs and flows this week. Overall, the market has shrunk, and this can be seen from big coins like Bitcoin, Binance, and others declining from this month’s ATH.

Binance is one of the coins that have posted a big decline, moving from $314 to the current $287. But even during this time that Binance has been declining, Bitgert (BRISE) has been doing pretty well in the market. So why is Binance slowly tanking while Bitgert, one of its toughest rivals, has been on the rise?

Why Binance Is Slowing Down

The Binance coin tops among the most popular crypto coins today, with its marketcap coming third after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The recent market surge saw Binance recover most of the losses made in December after it exploded to $314 within a very short time.

The current gloomy performance is a result of the crypto investors taking profits. There are many investors that rode on the buying pressure and are now withdrawing after making good profits. That’s one of the reasons Binance has posted a decline this week.

Therefore, the general performance of the crypto market in Binance is reflected in its price performance. The coin still looks gloomy and might lose more value this weekend if its bears continue to grow stronger. Therefore, the Binance price performance remains uncertain today.

Bitgert Is Bullish and Looks Good Going Into The Weekend  

Unlike Binance. Bitgert is one of the cryptocurrencies that looks promising going to the weekend. The Bitgert coin performance today has been impressive and was green for the past 24 hours of writing, while Binance was red.

Bitgert is defying the overall market mood to upsurge when most coins are gloomy because of the growing adoption and hype of the products this team has released. The Bitgert team has released major products that have skyrocketed its adoption in the past few days.

Bitgert centralized crypto exchange has been one of the major products that are keeping Bitgert bullish. The Paybrise is also posting impressive performance, and we are likely to see it post even bigger adoption going forward.

The hype around the upcoming Bitgert products like DEX, decentralized market, and others are also a factor making Bitgert bullish today.

In conclusion, Bitgert price growth might do better than Binance’s today and this weekend. This makes it an ideal coin to buy today and this weekend.

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