January’s Biggest Mover, Solana (SOL), Consolidates At $21, While Bitgert (BRISE) Remains Bullish

The crypto market is currently experiencing a breather for the last few days, where most cryptocurrencies like Solana have been consolidating. In fact, looking at all the top 15 cryptocurrencies, they have been consolidating for the past 3 days and most of this week.

This month’s biggest mover, Solana (SOL), has been consolidating for most of this week. The coin has not made significant gains in the past few days. The Solana has been consolidating around $21 this week, which has also been coupled with a number of downward movements.

While Solana has been consolidating and losing some of the gains made in the past few weeks, Bitgert (BRISE) has been doing pretty well. In fact, Bitgert has been among the few coins that have posted an upsurge during this period when most of the coins have been consolidating.

Is Solana Bullish Sentiment Dying

The Solana price performance this week has lost the bullish vibe it had enjoyed in the first two weeks of this month. In fact, Solana has lost some of the gains it had made, although it was trading at $21.02 as of writing.

Crypto analysts believe that Solana might be losing the bullish sentiment it had enjoyed and might see a bit of dumping the next few days as investors take profit. Therefore, the market is still volatile, and the recent bullish sentiment might be followed by bearish sentiment, resulting in most coins dumping.

So, Solana might see a decline in value, and apart from consolidating at $22, we are likely to see the Solana trade below $20 by this weekend.

Why Is Bitgert Growing Bullish

The price performance of the Bitgert coin has been better than Solana for the past few days. In fact, looking at the Bitgert price growth this morning, it is among the few coins in the green for the gains made in the past 24 hours.

Unlike Solana and many other coins, Bitgert price growth was also driven by the adoption of Brise products. That’s why even when the bullish sentiment is declining, Bitgert is still doing well as other coins decline. The adoption of Brise products is growing the coin value.

Crypto analysts have Bitgert among the top cryptocurrencies that might remain bullish this weekend. Therefore, for crypto investors looking to make some good profits this weekend, then Bitgert might be an ideal coin to buy today.

In conclusion, Solana might hit a lower price this weekend if the bearish sentiment continues building up. However, Bitgert might continue surging today and this weekend even with the crypto market going bearish.

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