IKEA’s latest Sonos speaker is also a $260 floor lamp | Engadget

IKEA announced its latest Sonos collaboration today, a Symfonisk speaker that doubles as a floor lamp. The lamp/speaker combo will launch in January in IKEA stores and online.

The floor lamp’s $260 price makes it the most expensive speaker in the Symfonisk lineup. Current models range between $120 for a bookshelf speaker (with less than stellar audio) and $250 for musical wall art. And your investment in the floor lamp could creep even higher if you want something other than the included bamboo shade, as alternative lampshades run from $39 to $49.

Although Symfonisk speakers are cheaper than Sonos-branded devices, models in the IKEA collaboration don’t have a built-in AI assistant, so you’ll need a separate Alexa, Google Assistant or HomePod product to control them with your voice. But they still support other mainstay Sonos features, like a healthy list of music services, TruePlay tuning (iOS only) and speaker pairing.


Sonos and IKEA launched the Symfonisk line in 2019, merging IKEA’s distinct home style with Sonos’ audio smarts. The companies frame the combination as helping customers conserve space on tables or nightstands — or, in this case, the floor — in apartments or smaller homes.

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