Binance Exchange Adds Meme Coins Toon Finance Coin Big Eyes Coin TamaDoge

by Market Trends December 7, 2022

Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It was created in 2017 by Zhao Changpeng, with offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Malta.

Binance currently has over 10 million users and handles more than $1 billion worth of transactions every day, according to Bloomberg News (back in November 2018).

You may have noticed a few new coins on Binance. The exchange has added Toon Finance Coin and Big Eyes Coin to its roster.

Binance exchange, one of the world’s most significant, has been on a tear lately. They continue to add new coins, and the latest addition is Toon Finance.

Binance is always looking for new and innovative coins to add to its exchange, and Toon Finance fits that bill perfectly. We’re excited to be working with them and look forward to seeing our coin grow even more.

If you’re interested in trading these new meme coins or in keeping them for fun, Binance is the place to be.


Reasons Why Binance Exchange Added Meme Coins to Toon Finance Coin, Big Eyes Coin, and Tamadoge.

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, recently added new meme coins to its platform. These include Big Eyes Coin (BEC), Toon Finance Coin (TFC), and Tamagoge (TMC).

Unlike other cryptocurrencies on Binance, these coins offer several unique benefits that make them appealing to users and investors alike.


Binance exchange is always looking for new and innovative ways to attract users and increase trading activity.

Binance exchange is always looking for new and innovative ways to attract users and increase trading activity. One-way Binance does this is by adding new coins to its site.

New coins attract attention, leading to interest and excitement from investors who want a chance to trade in these new coins. Binance announced a list of 3 coins that they would be adding in the coming weeks: Toon Finance Coin (TFC), Big Eyes Coin (BEC), and Tamadoge (TAM).

The coins were added because they are relatively new coin projects. With the number of ICOs happening daily, it can take time for investors to keep up with everything.

This means that many of these new ICOs will have a small following, which could make it hard for them to survive. Listing new coins on Binance help boost these new coins before they even launch.

This helps grow the crypto market because it will encourage even more people to invest in these companies, leading to more innovation.


Binance can offer its users a wider variety of trading options.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade in pairs with other coins. For example, if a user wants to buy Toon Finance Coin (TFC), they would have to exchange it for another coin (in this case, bitcoin) and then sell the bitcoin for TFC.

By listing these coins, Binance can offer its users a wider variety of trading options. For instance, if someone were interested in buying Big Eyes Coin (BEAC) but didn’t want to use bitcoin as their base currency, they could purchase BEAC by exchanging it with one of several other coins listed on Binance’s platform.

This is an excellent option for users who want to diversify their portfolio and trade with multiple cryptocurrencies. Binance does not offer fiat trading pairs, so users can only buy coins with other coins or sell them back for bitcoin.


To promote innovation and creativity within the cryptocurrency space.

When cryptocurrency first gained traction in 2008, the early adopters were an intimate group of people who shared a common interest and passion for technology. Now, cryptocurrency has come to dominate mainstream conversations.

The driving force behind this widespread enthusiasm is the freedom and innovation that cryptocurrency provides. However, some aspects of the community still need to catch up with the times.

This is where Binance’s recent decision to add meme coins to their exchange comes in. Setting aside the rise of privacy coins for a second (which has been extensively covered by other news outlets), it’s clear that there needs to be a shift in focus from simple transactions toward creative uses of blockchain technology.

While data breaches are on the rise and regulations threaten to restrict our financial freedoms, the cryptocurrency community needs more than ever to find ways to keep our systems innovative, secure, and decentralized.

Adding meme coins represents just such a step in cryptocurrency culture because it forces us to look at new ways of approaching blockchain technology—with less emphasis on transactions and more on memes.

It promotes an environment in which users can create new cryptocurrencies with interesting meme-related names, regardless of whether they have any real value.

By embracing creativity rather than focusing solely on security and stability, we send a message as a community that we are willing to take risks to keep moving forward. The world has changed dramatically since Bitcoin’s creation, and we need to adapt along with it.


To build up the reputation of Binance as a fun and friendly exchange.

Binance is a fast-growing exchange that’s quickly gaining the attention of many crypto traders. Its low transaction fees and impressive coin selection have been some of the main factors contributing to this growth.

But there’s more to it than just those two things. Binance is also an exchange that wants to be fun and friendly. It makes a lot of sense since cryptocurrency grew out of a community that believes in freedom and that anything—even money—should be able to be fun and friendly.

It made the news recently when it added three meme coins to its platform: Toon Finance Coin (TFC), Big Eyes Coin (BEC), and Tamadoge (TAM).

These three coins are all based on popular memes, and their addition has caused quite a stir lately. Some people think it’s just an April Fool’s joke, while others have praised the move as being very clever.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about this recent development, but so far, there has yet to be much explanation from Binance as to why these coins were added in the first place.

The reason Binance is adding these coins is fairly simple: for the benefit of both its users and its reputation. The coin listings will help build up Binance’s reputation as a serious trading platform and make users more likely to sign up.

Additionally, the addition of these coins will help Binance gain some much-needed attention in the cryptocurrency space.


To increase the visibility of these smaller coins and help them to gain more traction.

Binance is a major cryptocurrency exchange that has increased the visibility of many smaller coins by listing them on its platform. This exposure can increase these coins’ exposure and help them gain more traction among investors.

In addition, other benefits are associated with being listed on Binance’s platform, including greater liquidity, which means you can buy and sell your coins more quickly.

Also, there may be more opportunities for arbitrage trading (trading between different exchanges) and more options for trading pairs such as BTC/ETH or ETH/USDT (US dollar-backed Tether).


Binance has a history of supporting new and upcoming projects.

Binance has a history of supporting new and upcoming projects, but these three surprised many. That’s because they’re all meme-based coins that don’t have much use case other than as a joke.

While they might sound like gimmicks, they’re legitimate projects supported by large communities—and they’re among the first coins based on memes to make it onto such a significant exchange.

The three meme coins are all joke currencies created for fun by their respective communities. They weren’t meant to be utilized. as basic forms of money—and none of them hold any particularly compelling advantage over Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

But their unique images have captured the hearts and minds of those who love them, and that’s enough for fans to create online communities around them even though there’s not much utility behind them.


To further diversify the Binance platform.

There are many reasons why Binance added the three meme coins to their platform. Diversification is important to reduce risk and improve your portfolio performance. In addition, diversification allows you to take advantage of opportunities in the market that are not available to others.

Lastly, it can also help reduce stress and anxiety when investing or trading on exchanges like Binance because you’ll have a complete understanding of what’s going on in the market and know how each coin works together with other coins in relation to different types of transactions.


Meme coins are much more affordable than other digital currencies.

Some people may hesitate to invest in digital currencies because they need to know where to start. Rather than investing large sums of money, you can get your feet wet by investing small amounts. Meme coins are much more affordable and have a low barrier of entry.

They’re also a great way to get involved in cryptocurrency and learn about it without risking too much money. The excitement around meme coins makes them an even more fun and unique way to get involved with cryptocurrency.

Meme coins are much more affordable than other digital currencies. The three leading meme coins, Toon Finance Coin (TFC), Big Eye Coin (BEC), and Tamadoge (TAM), have a combined market cap of $1,811,471,921, while Bitcoin’s market cap is $203,898,522,053 and Etherium’s is $106,898,522,053.

Meme coins are also commonly traded like stock options in the over-the-counter (OTC) markets. One meme coin called Dat Butt Coin (DBC) has a market cap lower than the Big Mac Index from The Economist which attempts to measure the purchasing power parity between two currencies by using the price ratio of a Big Mac.

According to The Economist, the Big Mac index is calculated by dividing the difference in Big Mac prices between two nations, and the Big Mac index is created.

Suppose this ratio is more significant than one. In that case, it suggests that the country’s currency with the lower price is undervalued relative to its actual purchasing power and should be trading higher. The opposite holds if it is less than one.


Meme coins offer a fun and unique way to get involved in cryptocurrency.

Meme coins are much more affordable than other digital currencies. As a result, you can buy or sell them for very small amounts of money.

There’s even an entire section on Binance that has nothing but meme-themed cryptocurrencies. This means you can swap your cash into something like Dogecoin or Bitcoin Cash and start earning money without having to fork over a lot of dough.


Meme coins offer several benefits that other cryptocurrencies do not.

Meme coins offer several benefits that other cryptocurrencies do not, and they are more affordable than other digital currencies and can be used to invest in a fun, unique way. Most importantly, meme coins represent an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

  • Meme coins are more affordable than the most popular cryptocurrencies today. This means that it’s easier to buy and sell memes, which makes them ideal for beginners looking to get into cryptocurrency investing or those who want to diversify their portfolio by adding a few tokens from this category of digital coinage.
  • Meme coins also make great investments for experienced investors because many offer unique value propositions that do not exist in any other type of coinage, such as Bitcoin or Litecoin (LTC). For example, Toon Finance Coin (TFCT) allows users access inside jokes about cartoons like Family Guy and South Park; Big Eyes Coin (BEC), which has its own subreddit called “Where Did I Just See That?” where people share photos with the eyes enlarged; Tamadoge (TAMO) offers free t-shirts every month.


Supporting the growth of the blockchain industry.

The blockchain industry has been around for a while but is still finding ways to grow and evolve. One of the latest ways the blockchain industry is growing is through meme coins.

Meme coins are new types of cryptocurrencies designed to be fun and easy to use, as well as being powered by new blockchains that offer faster transactions and lower transaction fees than existing major coins such as Bitcoin.

The Toon Finance Coin, Big Eyes Coin, and Tamadoge are three meme coins recently added to the Binance Exchange. The addition of these three coins marks a significant step forward in the growth of the blockchain industry.

These three meme coins represent an essential part of how blockchain technology will continue to grow and improve our society. Binance Exchange added these three meme coins for two reasons:

First, there was a massive demand from investors who wanted to purchase these meme coins on Binance.

Second, Binance was looking for ways to help the blockchain industry continue its growth by providing investors with more opportunities to buy and sell meme coins.

While these coins may be a bad investment for some, they might be a fun approach to add something unique to your portfolio that sticks out from the rest.

There’s also been some speculation about whether or not these three new meme coins will succeed over time, so if you’re looking for something different, why not give them a try?

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