“Engineering-Driven Digital Assurance Ensures Quality Orchestration” Says Rajesh Subramony

The digital world is way more complex than when it actually started, with every interaction becoming a potential source of a variety of security threats. To emerge as a successful digital enterprise, digital assurance practices are very critical, making effective testing plans inevitable for a smooth-running digital ecosystem. Qualitest, a software testing company is the world leader in AI-led quality engineering leading its way ahead in quality testing with proprietary AI-powered risk-mitigating tools. Analytics Insight has engaged in an exclusive interview with Rajesh Subramony, Managing Director, India at Qualitest.


1.Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization and services.

The world’s leading AI-powered quality engineering firm, Qualitest is instrumental in facilitating the seamless transition of brands through every stage of their respective digital assurance journey. Whether it’s about moving beyond functional testing to adopting innovations such as automation, AI, crowdsourced UX testing (usability testing), accessibility, and more, we have carved a niche as support pillars for modern-day brands.

The firm offers a wide range of personalized testing and quality engineering solutions that leverage deep, industry-specific understanding for a variety of sectors, including banking and financial services, technology, media & communications, healthcare and life sciences, retail & consumer goods, and energy & utilities.

As a cutting-edge company, Qualitest provides scalable business quality engineering solutions that protect brands through end-to-end value demonstration with a focus on customer experience and release velocity.


2.What is your biggest USP that differentiates the company from its competitors?

Qualitest specialises in AI-powered digital assurance, automation, performance engineering, cyber security testing, accessibility testing, blockchain IoT, and drone technology assurance. Through our intelligent, engineering-driven approach to digital assurance, we create a culture of quality orchestration throughout the business, technology, and operational environment for brands with a laser focus on delivering exceptional customer experience and assuring increased release velocity. In the ever-competitive industry, these unique business offerings are what truly set us apart. Most importantly, Qualitest partners with clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey by leveraging quality engineering as a catalyst


3.Brief us about yourself and your contributions to the company and the industry.

I Rajesh Subramony, am the Managing Director, India at Qualitest Group.  As the managing director, my responsibilities include managing and scaling India delivery locations while catering to global clients, building capabilities to elevate the value provided, enabling delivery and operational excellence across the business, as well as powering growth within the domestic market. Forging strategy and implementing transformational change across the organization is yet another aspect that I oversee on a regular basis. Over the last 18 months, I was involved in scaling up the workforce in India by six times while expanding from one center to four, at the same time, elevating the value provided from India through centers of excellence, horizontals, and other business enablement functions. Prior to joining Qualitest, I was responsible for heading global delivery organizations to the tune of $1 billion and also essayed the role of global solutions leader for the quality engineering and assurance business, at Cognizant. I was privileged enough to establish the consulting arm of testing services in North America and played a key role as a global market leader for industry verticals such as BFSI and Healthcare in the USA, driving business growth at a CAGR of 25-30% within the service line. I have had the opportunity to take over leadership roles in Global Delivery, Consulting, and Business development across the US, Europe, UK, and APAC markets, with India as the delivery nucleus.

Earlier, I worked with a technology services start-up, where I helped forge a strong foundation process, technology solutions, and collaborative culture, to help drive exponential (20X) business growth. On the education front, I majored in electrical and electronics engineering from the prestigious College of Engineering, Trivandrum followed by a PGDM from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.


4.What does your technology and business roadmap look like for the rest of the year?

We started our operations 18 months ago in India and, since then, we have seen tremendous growth. Beginning operations with close to 600 people, Qualitest has evolved into a global brand, currently boasting 3600 employees. India has a market, having huge potential to expand in the tech segment which, in turn, gives us immense opportunities to serve clients across segments. In India, the firm already had its presence in Noida and Bengaluru before we recently added Chennai as the new talent powerhouse.


5.The industry is seeing the rising importance of business and technology enablers like virtualization, convergence, and cloud. How do you see these impacting your business sector?

With the advent of next-gen technologies that provide features, functions, and access to customers like never before, quality and speed to deliver technology to businesses become important. Enterprises need to identify the systems that directly interact with their customers and impact their competitive positioning and transform them at a rapid pace to stay relevant and grow. Qualitest is positioned aptly as the partner in this transformation journey, leveraging quality engineering as a catalyst.


6.How is your company helping customers deliver relevant business outcomes through the adoption of technology innovations?

Qualitest supports companies in their digital transformation journey by leveraging AI, DevOps, and Automation. Our quality engineering services are designed to accelerate and enhance speed, quality, security, and customers’ digital experience.


7.What are your growth plans for the next 12 months?

Qualitest currently has operations in the US, UK, India, Israel, Germany, Romania, Argentina, Mexico, and Portugal, and serves over 250 blue-chip customers worldwide. Commencing operations in 2019 in India, Qualitest has its centers in Bengaluru, Noida, and Hyderabad and recently announced the opening of a new facility in Chennai, which is a vital part of our strategic expansion plan across India.

Bolstered by more than 7,000 engineers, Qualitest has assembled one of the largest, most talented groups of creative, critical problem-solvers in the world. Adding to our growth trajectory, we also have plans to ramp up our global workforce to 10,000 in the next 18 months.

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