Cardano (ADA) And Polygon (MATIC) Struggle To Yield Profit As Snowfall Protocol (SNW) Announce 100% Bonus On Investments.

It’s the third quarter of 2022 and high-volume assets like Cardano and Polygon continue to slide down to very low price areas; the lowest we have seen in almost two years. While this seems like a general cryptocurrency market trend at the moment, new cryptocurrency tokens like Snowfall protocol show optimistic signs of going against this long bearish winter.

This article explores the real reasons why assets like Cardano and Polygon and underperforming and why new tokens like Snowfall have a lot of growth potential.

We will be looking at Snowfall’s eye-watering 100% investment bonus and its essential cross chain solutions in a multichain crypto era. In this article, we will be seeing why many investors are bullish on Snowfall and why you need to explore the research information here to help you make great investment decisions very early on.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW)

Exploring Cardano (ADA)- how it works and its performance.

Cardano is a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain solution with recent smart contract add-ons. Following the new trend of smart contract chains, however, Cardano had to make the hard decision of being smart contract compatible or risk being obsolete. Before its smart contract add-ons, however, Cardano was technically another Bitcoin with a PoS reward spin.

Cardano: Do we need another cliche smart contract chain

Following this upgrade, the questions many veteran crypto investors and early adopters are beginning to ask is- With light-speed chains like Solana, and low fee alternatives like Binance and the switch to Ethereum’s more optimal 2.0 do we still need another regular smart contract chain called Cardano?

Cardano: A five-day wait is forever with crypto

Also, while researching for this piece, we found several stakers complaining of Cardano’s 5-day wait time to get out their rewards. Such a wait implies that many ADA stakers who might want to get out of the market in a time like this one when ADA is super bearish may inevitably get stuck.

Cardano Staking: Deploy a staking serve or get exploited

Also, on protocols like Cardano users would have to go the old route of deploying a staking node server just to stake or they will have to depend on a rented node and keep whatever profit that the staking node owner declares.

Many analysts predict that these use case limitations and current investor sentiment on obsolete projects are part of the reasons why ADA is highly bearish. Interestingly, most VC-type investors are heavy on more cutting-edge solutions like Snowfall.

Exploring Polygon (MATIC)- how it works and its performance.

Another highly controversial asset that has suffered great bearish stress the past few months has been Polygon Matic. Quite simply, Polygon is a scaling solution built to help scale cross-chain implementations, and high-fee and transaction speed limitations across all Ethereum solutions.

Following Ethereum’s switch to a more efficient upgrade, several solutions built around Ethereum’s inefficiencies have been placed in highly controversial spots, especially among investors. With Polygon

You could think of Polygon as lamplighters from the Victorian era, right in the middle of Edison’s light bulb revolution. They quickly became obsolete as fast as light bulbs found their way to the lamp heads at the time.

Similar to Cardano, Polygon is under serious pressure due to changes in its fundamental use. Smart investors with a long-term outlook are all concerned about the future, which is projects like Polygon are gradually becoming irrelevant, following Ethereum’s 2.0 upgrade.

Snowfall: a 100% bonus and long-term outlook

In a time where web3.0 devs are providing specialized solutions around specific web3 problems, the need for a standard protocol for web3 apps and tokens has become inevitably essential. Snowfall is the first protocol developing a multi-chain, multi-token protocol that allows anyone to swap their fungible token.

Interestingly, Snowfall Protocol has remained at the top of search lists for a while following multiple predictions of a bullish trend for the Snowfall’s native token SNW. Several analysts predict that SNW will have a 5000X bullish run from its launch price in the next bull run.

The Golden Era of Web3- an outlook beyond the crypto horizon.

Following FTX’s scandal, tokens like Cardano and Polygon with weak fundamentals continue to struggle with new price dips. Also, investors are already looking out into the future for alternative assets that will lead the next bull run. In May of 2022, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) set out $4.6 Billion for Web3.0 related project describing the next crypto bull run as the “Golden Era of Web3.”

Fortunately, Snowfall is in the midst of this next crypto trend. Web 3.0 projects built around several chains will need an infrastructure to interact seamlessly, which is what Snowfall provides, a good indication for investors looking to make up to 1000X.





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