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by Market Trends November 30, 2022

Enrolling in GIM’s big data analytics programme would enable aspirants to meet changing data paradigms

The concept of big data is not new anymore. The integration of big data analytics in business operations is helping leaders gain productive insights into new questions and tasks that data owners did not even know were possible earlier. A lot of research dealing with big data is emerging now. Plenty of startups are offering to extract their values from data and provide valuable insights. However, the most important aspect of deploying big data analytics in a productive manner is to employ skilled and talented candidates who can ace the information yielded from these datasets and wield strategies that can help these leaders gain an edge in the market.

Candidates aspiring to become skilled data professionals have to master various domains that are involved in big data, like data analytics, business intelligence, and others. The demand for efficient big data professionals is rapidly growing in the tech market, hence, institutions all over the world are racing to create an ecosystem that enables organizations to conduct real-time, data-driven decision-making. Besides, big data careers offer lucrative financial compensation, which is one of the many reasons why more and more tech aspirants are joining the big data domain in the current scenario.

Well, in a nutshell, the job landscape in the tech ecosystem has changed abundantly. And one of the most trailblazing educational institutions that are tapping into the futuristic potential of the industry is the Goa Institute of Management. The institution is advancing the development of future-ready, data-fluent managers, who will be fully equipped to manage the evolving industrial paradigms and accelerate data-driven decision-making processes.


A Roadmap to the Programme

The Goa Institute of Management is among the top premier business institutes in India that aims to offer students and faculty an ideal environment for gathering and imparting knowledge. The futuristic infrastructure and facilities provided by the institute ensure that the enrolling candidates stay ahead of the industry demands and that the faculty get all the resources available that will help them impart knowledge effectively.

GIM’s Big Data Analytics course has made a significant impact on the big data industry. The program is basically designed to impact the students with an adequate understanding of different areas of management with a focus on the application of big data analytics tools and techniques that can solve complex business problems. This big data analytics course is a combination of management and analytics subjects that ultimately manifests in students as modern skills that will give them a competitive edge by upskilling them through both data fluency and business sense. Besides these facilities, the program also provides a unique 5-month internship program that will aid students to gain practical work experience and deal with real-time data silos. Students learn in an environment that serves as an incubator for future managers under the guidance of knowledgeable teachers.

You can apply at to enroll in this programme.


Various Approaches to Inculcating Knowledge

The Goa Institute of Management integrates various approaches to impart knowledge in the best ways possible.

  • A 40:60 blend of business experience and big data analytics-related experience make up the program’s architecture.
  • Students are assisted in acquiring the skills and internalizing the values that will enable them to function as effective leaders in distinct companies.
  • The curriculum also includes significant case-based learning, simulations, seminars, and practical hands-on training. There are also individual and group tasks, as well as thorough exposure to real-work business issues through on-site initiatives.
  • In order to make the program even more lucrative, the course is thoughtfully created using feedback from consultants, teachers, and a cross-section of top industries in the domain of analytics.


GIM Acquired 100% Placement for its PGDM- Big Data Analytics Batch of 2023

The 2023 PGDM- Big Data Analytics class at GIM has announced 100% placements, with the highest CTC at INR 40.2 lakhs per annum. Based on previous reports and as speculated by multiple tech analysts, the size of the big data market is predicted to increase dramatically, hence, the average pay for big data managers at GIM has increased by more than 30% from the previous one. Earlier, the average CTC was INR 17.2 lakhs per annum.

GIM’s primary goal is to help develop efficient professionals who are adept with data and are prepared to handle the evolving paradigms of data-driven decision-making.

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