Stress-relieving gifts for people who need to chill out

Who doesn’t have that person in their life who’s perpetually stressed out? (Maybe it’s you? No judgment!) If you’re genuinely worried about someone’s blood pressure, including your own, you’ve come to the right place. With this gift guide, you can offer more than just a cup of tea or a lending ear, and give some gifts that keep giving through calm, peaceful, relaxing vibes. Whew, we’re feeling better already.

A meditation app subscription

Apps like Calm and Headspace provide a variety of guided meditations for whatever flavor of relaxation you’re looking for. Plus, they’re designed to be friendly and informative for beginners.

Calm(opens in a new tab), $69.99/year

Headspace(opens in a new tab), $12.99/month

Guided meditation to calm restless thoughts.
Credit: Calm

A weighted blanket

The soothing pressure of weighted blankets is scientifically proven to help with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and more. A blanket is already a perfectly cozy gift; why not give a blanket that can actively help with stress? You could go with Bearaby, the Rolls Royce of weighted blankets, or this less expensive option from YnM.

YnM weighted blanket(opens in a new tab), $49.99

Bearaby cotton napper(opens in a new tab), $199

product image of a weighted blanket

A scientifically proven way to reduce anxiety.
Credit: YnM

Xbox All Access Featuring Xbox Series S

Everything the gamer in your life needs is included: hundreds of games, including day-one releases, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plus a next-gen Xbox Series S to make the most of every gaming minute. Bonus points — you can save $100 on the Xbox All Access Series S through Dec. 25.

Xbox All Access Series S with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate(opens in a new tab)$20.82/month

An Xbox Series S white console

Credit: Verizon

An anti-anxiety journal

This journal uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods to provide guided journal prompts, structured exercises to reduce anxiety, and notes and tips from therapists to help you identify what you’re feeling and how to manage it. The simple and discreet layout makes it easy to carry around and jot down thoughts when you’re stressed or anxious.

The Anti-Anxiety notebook(opens in a new tab), $38

Product shot of the cover of the anti-anxiety notebook

Manage stress and anxiety with a CBT notebook.
Credit: Therapy Notebooks

An oil diffuser

We love a standard stick-in-oil diffuser or scented candle, but there are some cool mechanized diffusers out there that gently dispense a mist and have features like mood lighting and timers. Plus, some of them look like a mini sculptural art piece.

Vitruvi Stone essential oil diffuser(opens in a new tab), $123

Vitruvi oil diffuser sitting on a side table

An oil diffuser that looks good.
Credit: Vitruvi

A yoga subscription

Yoga is a tried-and-true method for movement that relaxes and eases tension. The beauty of giving a yoga subscription means your giftee will have the flexibility to choose how and when they want to get on the mat from the comfort of their own home.

Glo yoga subscription, $24/month

Woman sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat

Yoga that fits around your giftee’s schedule.
Credit: Getty Images

A smart stress-relief ball

A simple stress ball isn’t really substantial enough to give as a gift, but a smart stress ball has exactly the kind of quirky intrigue and novelty that makes it a perfect present. The “Smart Squeeze” measures your squeeze with an accompanying app and even purports to help you build grip strength.

Smart Squeeze stress-relief ball(opens in a new tab), $50

Smart stress ball and accompanying app on a smartphone

Monitor just how much stress you’re squeezing out.
Credit: Roshy and Saket

A de-stress wearable

This device takes biometric wearables to the next level by reducing stress through scientifically proven touch therapy. The Apollo is a wearable you put on your wrist or ankle to provide “silent, soothing vibrations” designed to calm your nervous system, which has a direct role in the physical response to stress. It also tracks heart-rate variability, so you can keep track of your stress melting away.

Apollo wearable(opens in a new tab), $399

Apollo wearable

Get a wearable that does more by reducing stress.
Credit: Apollo

Calming face mask, shower bomb, calming patches

Give the gift of a spa-like experience with soothing bath and beauty products. Gather up a bunch of your favorites into one care package, or dole them out individually. We’re especially interested in the calming patches that are infused with ashwagandha, passionflower, ginger root, and other calming ingredients that you can stick on your body for relaxation on the go.

Kiehl’s calendula petal-infused calming mask(opens in a new tab), $45

Lush Twilight lavender bath bomb(opens in a new tab), $8.25

The Good Patch Relax patches(opens in a new tab), $23.98

The Good Patch relax patch product image

Slap on one of these babies whether you’re traveling or working.
Credit: The Good Patch

A massage gun

If you’re dealing with tech neck, or feeling achey from a restless sleep, work out some of that physical tension with a massage gun. Mashable rounded up the best massage guns out there. Spoiler alert: Theragun still reigns supreme, but there are some great less-expensive options available, too.

Theragun Pro(opens in a new tab), $499

Turonic GM5 massage gun(opens in a new tab), $159.97

Product shot of Turonic massage gun

The Turonic massage gun is a cheaper alternative to Theragun.
Credit: Turonic

Novelty shower curtain

When you’re facing a stressful day, looking at a ridiculous shower curtain as you go about your morning routine is sure to make you chuckle. And laughter is a guaranteed to relieve stress. Aww. You can find some great options on Etsy.

Ew David shower curtain(opens in a new tab), $58.88

A white shower curtain with the words

For “Schitt’s Creek” fans.
Credit: Etsy / LaLumiereHome

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