Singapore Branches Out Onto Internet of Trees – Slashdot

Singapore is obsessed with trees. The island nation, population 5.45 million people, is home to around seven million trees — and manages many of them with an enormous Internet of Things monitoring scheme. From a report: Which is a very Singaporean thing to do, because another local obsession is tracking everything. The city-state’s goal of becoming a Smart Nation includes an increasingly comprehensive masterplan that uses tech to manage, link and track as many aspects of life as possible. Singapore’s National Parks Board (NParks) therefore tracks trees — around six million of them — once they reach a certain size, so that arborists can manage them with an app. NParks CEO Tan Chong Lee told The Register the agency’s team visits every one of the urban trees to check their stability on a regular basis, but the remote tree system — combined with other digital assessments — allows many other tree management tasks to be done from the comfort of an air conditioned office.

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