From Customer Service to Tailored Game Choices – AI Will be Huge in the Online Casino Industry

The entertainment sector has always been identified as one that will have a big influence on the spread of artificial intelligence in the years ahead. Online casinos are at the heart of that industry, and they will have real sway over how and when AI enters the mainstream.

These sites have already started to implement some aspects of AI, but this is likely to increase tenfold over the next decade. The technology will vastly improve customer service, and it will also help players connect with the games they most want to play.
Online Casinos
Online Casinos Always Incorporate New Technology

The reason why many people think online casinos will be a driving force behind AI is the fact that these sites always integrate new technology. When you look at the Paddy Power online casino gambling options, you’ll see that there are loads of state-of-the-art slots like Bigger Bass Blizzard: Christmas Catch and Athens Megaways. The slot games on offer are always up-to-date with modern graphics and mechanics.

These sites also brought in live-streaming technology way before it went mainstream. The Guardian credits Facebook with the world-changing spread of this platform, but it was already applied at online casinos and flourishing there before the social media giant took it up. Now, the games have progressed massively and there is a wide range of options for players to choose from. These include original game show-style titles like Crazy Time and Crazy Coin Flip Live.

AI Will Vastly Improve Customer Service

One of the most crucial areas that online casinos need to get right is their customer service. If this isn’t good, players will simply go elsewhere. They know that there are other sites out there where they’ll have a great experience. Most of the top sites have various channels in which players can contact a representative, with live chat being a popular option.

AI is already being used for chatbots, and statistics from Thrive My Way show that 42 percent of businesses use these. At present, these are still rudimentary, and a lot of their functions need to be inputted manually by business owners. Soon, though, AI will be able to learn how to respond to a vast range of queries, simply through having had a multitude of conversations in the past. It will learn and improve over time until it can produce responses equal to what a human would come out with.

Players Will Be Put in Touch With Their Favorite Games

With so many choices out there, players want to use online casinos that instantly put them in touch with the games they want. Sites already make a prediction about what most people will want to see and display these games prominently on the home page. But AI will allow operators to go one step further.

Soon, players will have bespoke experiences at online casinos, which improve every time they visit a site. The sites’ algorithms will learn what players like and then present them with the best options to suit their needs when they return.
It’s clear that AI is going to massively enhance the online casino industry and make it even better than it already is. The sector will help the technology into the mainstream as well, because it will show a vast number of people how useful it is.

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