7 of the Best New Cryptos to Buy Moving into 2023

by IndustryTrends November 28, 2022

While the crypto crash may have pushed the entire market down over the last year, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any compelling investment opportunities remaining in the crypto universe – they just need to be uncovered first. Furthermore, some are speculating it might even be the best time to buy, while prices are artificially low. 

Both new entrants to the metaverse and older coins make this list of top cryptos to buy in as we move from December into 2023, although you should note that it’s the new GameFi tokens that are at the top of the list, as they’ve both avoided the crash and become part of the hottest crypto trend, play to earn (P2E).


GameFi: The Future of Cryptocurrency

Gaming has become a truly integral part of our modern society, with the numbers to back it up. It’s estimated that the gaming industry will surpass $250 billion by 2025, with the concept of GameFi introducing a whole new way to game. 

GameFi, a combination of the words “Game” and “Finance”, is, simply speaking, the ability for gamers to earn NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and fungible tokens that have real value and can be exchanged for physical currency. It has taken the crypto and gaming world by storm recently, and shows no signs of slowing down.

With the advancement of the metaverse and Web3, GameFi is only growing in popularity as more platforms seek to expand into this realm. This makes tokens connected to GameFi some of the top cryptocurrencies to buy in December as the market rebounds and new metaverse projects start a rise that has some calling them the next Apple or Amazon. 

With that kind of billing, it’s no surprise that GameFi tokens are becoming the top cryptocurrencies to buy right now as they begin a steady climb in both popularity and value.


Top 7 Cryptocurrencies to Buy in December and Beyond

  1. Metacade (MCADE) – Community Run GameFi Hub
  2. Quint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT Marketplace
  3. Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Sci-Fi MMORPG Game
  4. NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Minecraft Inspired Open World
  5. MetaHero (HERO) – Real World Asset Scanner
  6. Illuvium (ILV) – Creature Collection Game
  7. Wizardia (WZRD) – Fantasy Magic RPG Game

1. Metacade (MCADE) – Ultimate Champion: Community-Run GameFi Hub

The newest addition to the list of top cryptocurrencies to buy is Metacade, a platform that unites GameFi and the metaverse in a community-fuelled gaming hub. The project is creating a virtual arcade, intending to fill it with the latest play to earn gaming titles – from which its users can earn serious amounts of MCADE tokens – the native currency for the platform.

It’s not just games that offer rewards at Metacade – community engagement is also up there, with users earning by writing reviews, sharing gaming tips or starting worthwhile discussions with like-minded members. For more competitive types, there’s set to be tournaments, leaderboards and achievements coming into play – with big prizes going out all across the platform. 

Holding MCADE tokens offers a variety of benefits, too. The gamers can get an awesome opportunity to shape the selection of future titles on the platform, by directly voting on them through Metagrants – funding provided to the best development ideas proposed for the arcade.   

Passive investors also get their fill, with staking being part of the package and dedicated holders can receive their share of the project’s revenue. 

With a presale just underway, if you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of the GameFi craze, look no further than Metacade. Designed to be a completely decentralized gaming hotspot, it offers members not only the chance to play to earn, but to actually shape the future of metaverse gaming.

By taking development out of the hands of big gaming corporations, it allows the gamers themselves, as well as game developers, to keep most of the revenue that typically goes to advertisers and promoters. This shift in the balance of power means that Metacade users will be creating an awesome virtual arcade, while also helping guide the future shape of metaverse gaming.

Already roaring through its presale stages, the project is set to be released for public sale in early 2023. With a number of early bird offers during its initial stages, this could be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for.

>>> You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here <<<


2. Quint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT Marketplace

A different type of metaverse project, Quint is a unique experience that gives users the chance to win real-world prizes. Looking to merge the real world and the metaverse in new ways, Quint offers similar earning opportunities as many other NFT-based projects with options to buy and sell on an NFT marketplace, stake, and earn rewards. It is also venturing into unknown territory when it comes to the metaverse.

Quint users will be able to enter super-staking pools (staking is earning crypto through locking funds) where they will be able to earn real-life rewards, such as hotel stays and restaurant discounts. Quint is also bringing the metaverse to life by creating a boutique marketplace that gives users the option to have NFTs printed, framed, and delivered so that people have a physical representation of their NFT. While a novel idea, it remains to be seen whether enough people want these physical representations of their digital creations and if this will cause Quint to skyrocket.


3. Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Sci-Fi MMORPG Game

Star Atlas is taking the metaverse beyond the terrestrial into the great reaches of outer space. Users can take their own customizable spaceship into the grand Star Atlas universe, exploring the stars and claiming their own new worlds which they can build up however they choose. The ATLAS coin is the in-game currency, allowing users the ability to purchase assets such as spaceships, land, crew members, and equipment.

Users can also form factions with other users to give them a better opportunity to claim and build up their own unique worlds. While one of the more exciting of the top cryptocurrencies to buy in December 2022, one of the main drawbacks is the inclusion of a second token, the POLIS, which is what allows users to manage their new world, specifically through creating decrees and other management aspects of the community. The two separate coins needed to earn the most from Star Atlas may make the game more confusing and turn some players off, especially casual gamers.


4. NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Minecraft-Inspired Open World

NFT Worlds seeks to draw in fans of one of the most popular games in history, Minecraft, by creating a metaverse space with similar looks and world-building opportunities. Using open-source Minecraft code, players can enjoy a familiar experience, controls, and in-game mechanics. While not associated with the actual Minecraft, it will allow cross-platform compatibility, meaning that anyone with a Minecraft account can also access NFT Worlds.

With a variety of different maps to explore, users can purchase their own plots of land, build, trade, and otherwise interact with other users. In-game marketplaces provide a space where players can exchange digital assets with real-world value, giving them the ability to earn while they explore and build in this Minecraft-inspired game. NFT Worlds is looking to become one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy by combining the metaverse P2E opportunities with the popularity Minecraft already enjoys.


5. MetaHero (HERO) – Real World Asset Scanner

Like Quint, MetaHero isn’t strictly speaking a metaverse game, but rather a unique project that looks to merge the real world with the digital one in new ways. While today, metaverse creations, including avatars and in-game goods, are digital representations of actual real-world people and objects, MetaHero is looking to change that by providing the ability to scan people and objects in order to make the metaverse as realistic as possible.

Wanting to create the largest and most realistic digital library of physical people and assets, MetaHero is one of the more unique opportunities on the list of top cryptocurrencies to buy in December. Though it’s unclear how many people want true-to-life digital assets, the possibility remains that MetaHero may become one of the top cryptocurrencies if the idea takes off.


6. Illuvium (ILV) – Creature Collection Game

This Pokemon-type game sees users explore a virtual world to discover digital creatures affectionately known as “Illuvials.” There are over 100 Illuvials in total, and each of them has specific class ratings, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, making each player’s journey through the Illuvium universe a unique one. Users can also trade their Illuvials, as well as in-game assets such as custom skins and other collectibles, on the Illuvium marketplace.

Illuvium is known for its beautiful and vibrant landscapes, and its initial coin offering saw a release of over half of its $10 million coin total, meaning users won’t need to worry much about inflation lowering the value of their ILV tokens. With its popularity on the rise, Illuvium is one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy in December.


7. Wizardia (WZFD) – Fantasy Magic RPG

Lastly on our list comes Wizardia, a fantasy magic role-playing game known for its compelling visual style. In Wizardia, users create their own unique characters, level them up, and upgrade their gear in an attempt to become the ultimate wizard. The game offers not just a beautiful visual style, but fierce PvP and PvE battles where users must use strategy as well as strength to climb up the leaderboards of the game’s top wizards and earn WZRD tokens.

With the WZRD token down from its previous high, now provides an opportunity to get in on one of the more popular of the top cryptocurrencies before the value starts to rise again. Fantasy magic RPGs represent a large slice of the gaming world, and Wizardia is the top metaverse fantasy game out there right now.


Best of the Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy in December 2022

Coming out #1 on the list, Metacade headlines the top cryptocurrencies to buy due to its novel offering and prospective scope. Providing a community-driven hub for all things GameFi means that Metacade’s success isn’t solely dependent on one game, instead, it offers a multitude of games and earning opportunities to suit a range of users. Metacade is also able to tap into the wealth of the rapidly growing gaming sector and bring it back into the platform.

Its community-led aspect will draw users and developers who want to shape the gaming world with their ideas, and its various ways to earn will draw in both casual and hardcore gamers looking for an income boost. All of these, combined with the fact that it’s just begun presale, means that Metacade is the top cryptocurrency to buy right now, before the price becomes too steep. 

It’s actually in its presale right now – with 9 stages in total, the initial beta stage is offering 125MCADE for $1 – although that deal won’t last forever. As each stage progresses and more tokens are sold, there will be only 50MCADE per $1 at its final price – so early birds had better seriously consider getting in there quickly to get a fantastic investment. 

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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