Can Dogeliens Reach The Hitherto Highs And Make Millionaires Like Dogecoin?

by Market Trends November 26, 2022

The crypto market has been hit by a tsunami of calamities, leaving most of the community disenchanted with the current state of affairs. It all started when the US government banned the ‘Tornado Cash’ software, leaving the validators with a rough choice: bend the knee or be considered the state’s enemy. On the back of this news, the NFT market plummeted through the floor, liquidating almost 90% of its trading volume.

This, in turn, was followed by a crash of all major collections, including BAYC. The final nail into the industry’s coffin was the FTX debacle, and with SBF being on the run, it is unclear when the money would be returned to the investors.

However, despite some sentiment of anxiety, currently floating in the air, not all is lost my dear reader and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Despite a growing misconception that one can make hefty returns during the bull market, in reality, to achieve this, one needs to choose a project during the bear run when there is an option of buying low. Join me in today’s editorial, where we will consider why betting on Dogecoin and Dogeliens might be what you have been looking for. Let’s dig in.


Dogecoin: The King Of Meme Coins

Watch Out for Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is rightfully considered to be the king of meme coins, and ever since its inception in 2013, many people become crypto millionaires investing in DOGE. This project is all about the community vibes, and it tells. At the time of writing, DOGE comfortably resides among the crypto elite by market capitalization. Unlike many other meme tokens, Dogecoin only represents a peer-to-peer currency for transactions between individuals, similar to Bitcoin.

This project positions itself as the “people’s cryptocurrency”; however, it does not stop there. Currently, DOGE can be used as a form of payment in several prestigious businesses worldwide. Most notably, it is being accepted by Elon Musk’s companies, Tesla and SpaceX, boosting the price of DOGE to spike on numerous occasions. If you are into the meme culture, free internet and good vibes, DOGE should always be on your radar.


Dogeliens: Watch The Throne, Dogecoin


Although Dogecoin has been an undisputed king of meme coins, a new kid on the crypto block has the potential to challenge the competition. Meet the Dogeliens project, where the community around this meme coin meets DeFi and crypto enlightenment. The Dogeliens ecosystem consists of the University of Barkington, where newcomers to crypto can learn and master their knowledge and trading skills. For anyone who enjoys other physical goods connected to their favourite cryptos, Dogeliens will have a store to purchase exclusive merch.

But the cherry on top is the project’s charity endeavours, where each transaction on the platform’s native ecosystem will donate 3% to a charity that the community will deem worthy. Ultimately, Dogeliens plans to merge the metaverse industry and its meme coin legacy to produce a ground-breaking value proposition, which the crypto industry has never seen before. If you feel like this project might be for you, be sure to check it out, as the presale stages are running out fast. Happy trading!


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