Disappointed with Luna Classic burn? EverGrow up 5,750%

by IndustryTrends November 25, 2022

Were you disappointed when the Luna Classic (LUNC) burn tax fell from 1.2% to 0.2%?

You’re not the only one. 

A massive 18.5 billion LUNC tokens entered burn addresses in October. At this rate – and considering this was a burn during bear market conditions – LUNC could easily burn 1 trillion tokens within 5 years. 

At best, LUNC was on track for a price between $0.1 to $1 inside the next 20 years.

But now? Very different scenario. Just 2.1 billion LUNC has been burned in November which is a -89% drop in the burn rate. It would take over 100 years now to burn enough tokens so LUNC is worth $0.1 to $1. 

Meanwhile the burn rate of leading deflationary token EverGrow is up a massive 5,750%. EverGrow is on track for $0.001 to $1 price within the next 20 years – and it’s only worth $0.00000009 today!

LUNC sacrificed the burn to help ecosystem development. EverGrow kept both.

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/


EverGrow burn rockets 5,750%

To start with, you need to know about the EverGrow tax of 14%. It’s a high tax for many newcomers. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 8% converted into Binance USD and paid to all holders – $38 million BUSD paid to date
  • 2% used to buyback and burn EverGrow – 5% of circulating supply burned in past 12 months
  • 2% used to fund BNB/EGC liquidity pair on PancakeSwap – you can only buy EverGrow on PancakeSwap to ensure the tax is paid fairly
  • 2% used for ecosystem development

The 14% total transaction tax is a lot to pay when buying and then selling EverGrow for a profit. But the tax makes long-term holding very, very worth it. Especially when the ecosystem is starting to take shape and the burn rate has rocketed 5,750% in November.

EverGrow burned 22 billion EGC tokens in October. In November so far, EverGrow has burned more than 1.3 trillion tokens – a 5,750% increase.

If EverGrow continues to burn at this rapid rate it would be on track for a price range of $0.001 to $1 within the next seven years. At a current price of $0.00000009, you’re looking at a minimum ROI of 1,110,000%. 

How is this all possible?

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/


EverGrow burning $500 every hour

In September, EverGrow launched the world’s first NFT marketplace where 100% of revenue is used to buyback and burn a native asset – in our case, EverGrow. The marketplace (LunaSky) is the first do this in crypto, and is directly responsible for EverGrow’s exploding burn rate

LunaSky revenue was deployed via smart contract to buyback and burn $500 of EverGrow every hour in November – likely until the end of the year. 

Anyone buying up EverGrow now will be able to access low prices before the next wave of investment dramatically shoots the prices up. They will also access EverGrow before the next application – a crypto-integrated social media platform and content subscription app, Crator – goes live and sends 100% of revenue to buyback and burn EverGrow.

EverGrow is only worth $0.00000009 today. Anyone considering a LUNC purchase for maximum ROI should read up on EverGrow, otherwise they may be set for disappointment.

EverGrow is not just promising you long-term ROI beyond anything you have in your crypto wallet right now. It’s also bringing you in to a DeFi revolution – one where rewarding the community, and building that community, are the biggest objectives.

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/

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