Luna Classic not on track for $0.1 – but EverGrow is

If you’ve thought about investing in Luna Classic in the hope it hits $0.1, you’re not alone.

Thousands of LUNC investors believe this. But the actual odds and data on a LUNC price of $0.1 happening soon are not conclusive. It’s a bullish idea with not a lot of bullish market movement behind.

The issue is even clearer when comparing LUNC to a new token like EverGrow. EverGrow is actually on track to hit $0.1 before Luna Classic, and EverGrow is only worth $0.00000009 today compared to LUNC priced at $0.00015.

Even better? EverGrow’s trajectory can be estimated just by looking at the numbers today.

(HINT: it’s to do with EverGrow v LUNC’s burn mechanism.)

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Luna Classic burn rate drops -89% 

The Luna Classic burn tax of 1.2% caused a crypto sensation in early September. The price of LUNC pumped over 500% as Binance announced they were going to implement the tax off-chain.

As a result, more than 18.5 billion Luna Classic (LUNC) tokens entered burn addresses in October. It was an impressive burn rate, which estimates said would have brought the LUNC price $1 within the next two decades. 

But in November? Just 2.1 billion LUNC has been burned. That’s a -89% drop in the LUNC burn rate.

This news should not come as a surprise for anyone interested in LUNC. In October, the Terra Classic community decided to slash the 1.2% burn tax down to 0.2%.

That’s why so few LUNC tokens are being burned – and why any investor excited about token burning as a means to skyrocket crypto prices should be studying EverGrow before it becomes a top 50 crypto.

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EverGrow burn rockets 5,750%

You may know EverGrow as the token with the tax. You pay 14% to the community every time you buy or sell EverGrow. 

The tax is high – you can only buy EverGrow on the decentralised exchange PancakeSwap – but the rewards of holding EverGrow are worth it. This is because EverGrow not only pays you passive income but it’s constantly burning tokens to ramp up the prices. 

For example, EverGrow burned 22 billion EGC tokens in October. In November so far, EverGrow has burned more than 1.3 trillion tokens – a 5,750% increase in the burn rate.

If EverGrow continues to burn at this rapid rate it would be on track for a price range of $0.001 to $1 within the next seven years. At a current price of $0.00000009, you’re looking at a minimum ROI of 1,110,000%. 

You could flip $100 today into $1 million.


How is this all possible?


Here are all the ways EverGrow is burning its own tokens:

  • A 2% cut of the 14% tax is used to buyback and burn EverGrow, a process automated by smart contracts
  • A 0.8% cut of the 1% tax on ecosystem token Lucro is used to buyback and burn EverGrow
  • 100% of the revenue from the LunaSky NFT marketplace is used to buyback and burn EverGrow – Between November 9th until the end of the year, smart contracts are buying and burning $500 of EverGrow every hour

No other crypto has created an ecosystem like EverGrow. Imagine a world where the cryptocurrencies you invest in and follow actually reward you for your trust? Imagine a market where a huge crash in price actually benefits your bottom line – more passive income and more token burns, paid for by the exit taxes from holders taking profits.

All of this is possible with EverGrow.

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