Hoping for a Dogecoin pump before Xmas? Try EverGrow

If you’re holding Dogecoin, you might be desperate for a price pump before Christmas.

More than 300,000 Dogecoin wallets fell into the red as the DOGE price fell from $0.085 to $0.075. Imagine the hundreds of thousands more who bought near the local high of $0.15 and are now left with half their Dogecoin investment?

As high as Dogecoin climbs in a sudden breakout, as low it falls once more.

If you’re struggling to get your Dogecoin portfolio back into the green before Christmas, you might want to read up on EverGrow.

EverGrow is fast becoming the top crypto for passive income. An innovative DeFi ecosystem has also just sent the burn rate into outer space. We’ll look at why both these positives are readying EverGrow for a price breakout before Christmas.

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/


EverGrow has paid $38 million in passive income

Dogecoin might make you a loss – but EverGrow pays you passive income anytime the price falls. 

EverGrow wants to be known as the number 1 crypto for passive income generation. To understand how it works, you need to get to grips with the EverGrow transaction tax of 14%:

  • 8% is converted into Binance USD and paid to all holders – $38 million paid to date
  • 2% is used to buy back and burn EverGrow – 5% of the circulating supply burned in the past 12 months
  • 2% is used to fund the EGC/BNB liquidity pair on PancakeSwap
  • 2% is used for ecosystem development

The tax is high. But EverGrow more than makes up for it. For example because anytime a whale or investor takes a large profit you know that 14% of it will be distributed to the community. If you own 1% of the EverGrow supply – and someone sells $1 million – you get $1,400 in your wallet.

Passive income on a purchase today admittedly might not be that much. Times are tough in the bear market and so an investment of $10,000 today would be netting you around $32 BUSD a month (according to EverGrow calculators).

But hold on. In November last year after launching EverGrow averaged $10 million average daily trading volume all month. If you buy and hold $10,000 at the EverGrow price today, you would have the opportunity to earn over $6,000 a month in the next bull market.

That’s $6,000 passive income. You can use it without selling any of your EverGrow position. You might not be getting a slice of that before Christmas – but with the crypto market hitting bottom prices in November it makes a bullish case for buying EverGrow before prices rise.

You have the chance to earn much more passive income the more you buy today.

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/


EverGrow ecosystem ramps up burn rate by 5,750%

EverGrow has just given a select group of investors the chance to own EverGrow before the supply is dramatically reduced.

EverGrow launched an NFT marketplace in September – LunaSky – and announced that 100% of revenue will be used to buy EverGrow and burn it from supply. No other crypto application has done this.

The burn from LunaSky funds started on November 9th with smart contracts buying and burning $500 worth of EverGrow every hour. The burn so far has totalled $150,000 and caused a 5,750% increase on October. The burn will have a huge effect on EverGrow with its small $40 million market cap.

EverGrow is worth just $0.00000009 today. You can only buy it on the PancakeSwap DEX with a BNB/EGC liquidity pair.

Any spike in the BNB price before Christmas would therefore send EverGrow prices wild.

The burn rate will get even faster in 2023 as EverGrow’s next application drops. Crator is a social media app and content subscription platform which lets users earn crypto for their great content. Crator will compete with OnlyFans and Patreon with its low commissions and instant payouts. 

All of these benefits are attracting huge investment interest in EverGrow. As a small cryptocurrency with a strong roadmap, it only needs a small amount of new investment to tip the balance and generate huge returns for select investors buying today.

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a cryptocurrency at ultra-low prices which is prime for breakout in the next few weeks.

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/

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