Uniglo.io Raised Over $2,000,000 And Is Now Burning Vast Amounts Of Supply – Is It Possible To Top Tamadoge’s Launch?

This year has seen some spectacular launches. Small-cap projects that managed to power through the ranks and posted astounding gains. A new contender for 2022’s best launch has to be Uniglo, an Ethereum-based social currency.

The protocol has raised more than $2 million and begins a colossal burning campaign. This sharp reduction in the total supply will drastically affect price, and analysts predict that this will be sufficient to top the astounding launch of Tamadoge.



Uniglo‘s value proposition remains highly unique. The protocol provides a long-term store of value by exposing investors to a distinctive blend of digital assets and leveraging deflationary tokenomics. The current market conditions have amplified Uniglo’s utility case, and analysts expect this protocol to absorb vast amounts of liquidity.

A unique part of Uniglo’s strategy remains the exposure to high-end physical goods such as real estate and fine art tokenized in NFT format: each GLO token represents a diversified portfolio. YouTuber Jim Crypto, a well-respected altcoin researcher, has reviewed Uniglo and confidently stated it has 100X potential. Now that the protocol has started an aggressive burning campaign, this prediction seems conservative. One thing is sure: it must be an exciting time to be a Uniglo investor.



Tamadoge is a play-to-earn game powered by NFTs. Investors mint Tamadoge pets and raise and battle them. TAMA is the native currency of the Tamaverse ecosystem. And the top-ranked players receive an allocation of TAMA each month from the prize pool. Tamadoge plans to expand into the metaverse and, in Q2 2023, will make a significant push to list on as many centralized exchanges as possible. Investors liked what they saw, and TAMA posted gains of 1,100% in the days following its launch.


Is it Possible to Top Tamadoge’s launch?

Recent events have made investors nervous and more risk-averse. Investors want to bolster their portfolios with long-term and resilient projects; Uniglo naturally lends itself to the current market conditions. With the burning campaign coupled with its store of value proposition, Uniglo can easily outshine the success of the Tamadoge launch and has the potential to reshape DeFi.


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